PayPal (804) 801-1054, (833) 463-8637

Scam Number: (804) 801-1054, (833) 463-8637
Scammer’s Website or Email: tba
Additional information about this scam: I received this today, answering and checked for duplicates.

welcome to paypal!” does’t seem to be the real sender of this message

Lisa [email protected]

Monday, September 18, 2023 9:58:25 AM

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Your request to open your Paypal Business account is processed .

This account has been verified on your SSN and you can now accept credit card payments without hassle . We have charged merchant fees of $249.99 from your checking account .It will reflect on your bank statement in 48 hours.
If you haven’t signed up for Paypal Business call immediately as this may be a case of identity theft.

Thank You
Team Paypal Business
+1-(804) 801-1054
+1-(833) 463-8637

[email protected], Austin, TX

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804-801-1054 Monday 9-18-23 1:08PM EST

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