Pay-pAL fraud (844) 954-1657 "$649.99"

I can’t come up with stuff to say on the fly, if I break, I’ll end up given my personal info out, that’s why I don’t do these. They’re in hurry and I’m not. I’ll just stick it the Jamaicans.


:joy: :joy: :joy: Oh Joy Oh Joy Oh Joy. One good way to piss off scammers.

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could you possibly send me the voice changer?

Justin’s callback #: (251) 230-7720


Great point :slight_smile: You sounded great but it is best to be safe :+1:

@FIREFIGHTER619 Fantastic job :+1:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: It’s kinda like eating potato chips. Now that you had one, you’re going to crave more! Not to mention the high demand for potato chips in India.
They need clean air.


I appreciate that. But it’s really not for me. I might do it with Amazon if I have all the info for it. Not going to do Anti-virus, they just want to connect to the computer.


I don’t have a working computer right now. I just act really stupid (not very hard for me) and I try to keep asking them questions and waste their time. Then I make them hold on for a few minutes while I get my laptop. Then I tell him the battery is about to die, I have to plug it in. Then I tell them the plug is behind my couch I have to move that, tell them windows is updating now…


It is fun to entertain ourselves even if each of us is alone on a call with a scammer.

The wrinkled old bag named Karen who is my next door neighbor is banging on my front door again to complain about the color of the flowers that I planted next to my house in the front yard. Just give me a minute or two to tell the old woman to go to hell yet again. We go through this every day usually, at least every two days for sure!

Ummm … just a minute Sir … I just smoked a big hit of heroin, so I am feelin’ a bit drowsy at the moment. Please bear with me if I start to nod off. This black tar heroin is mighty powerful.

The possibilities are endless!


hell yeah, I sometimes use famous fictional characters like Walter White, or making long names that shorten down into Hindi swear word nicknames. Making stuff REALLY undetectable is efficient, but not very fun, and if you’re having fun, you’ll probably scambait more often, so paradoxically it’s MORE efficient for wasting their time.

(808) 465-8938 Ring to TN vm

(888) 973-4341 One ring hang up