OneSoft Global, Vietnamese game devs stealing your content & profiting off it

CONTEXT: Recently, Gavan “TheRealSullyG” Sullivan was made aware about his videos being completely stolen and unaltered for “Otamatune Series,” a mobile app by ABI Publishing that requires you to watch ads during and in between videos. While Sully is able to sue them for violating DMCA law, the company is actually a subsidiary of OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. located at:

  • 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE Singapore, 188735 Singapore
  • Tầng 7 tòa Kim Hoàn, ngõ 19 Duy Tân, Phường Mỹ Đình 2, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, 10000, Vietnam.
  • Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Wickhams Cay II, Road Town, VG1110, Tortola, Virgin Islands
  • Gold Tower, 275 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân Trung, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Hanoi, Vietnam

Other subsidiaries of the company include:

However, Sullivan wasn’t the only entity whose intellectual properties were infringed upon, as the company has also stolen content from:

Associated Facebook Accounts:
ABI Game Studio
Falcon Game Studio
Rocket Game Studio

Associated LinkedIn Accounts:
ABI Game Studio: Overview | LinkedIn
FALCON GAME STUDIO: Overview | LinkedIn
Rocket Game Studio: Overview | LinkedIn

Associated YouTube Channels:
ABI Game Studio Official - YouTube
Falcon Game Studio - YouTube
Rocket Games Studio - OneSoft - YouTube

Associated Phone Numbers:
+84 24 62935559
+84 86 5008885
024 6293 5559

Associated Email Addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Associated IP Address -

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While the scam is still ongoing, there is a good possibility that malicious apps like OneSofts will shut down as early as January 1, 2024 thanks to a new “runtime fee” imposed by developers of the Unity engine.

  • The fee applies on a per-install basis, with games qualifying for passing a minimum revenue threshold and minimum lifetime install count.
  • Games under Unity Personal and Unity Plus must reach a minimum revenue of $200,000 and have 200,000 installs. The fee is applied at $.20 per install.
  • Games under Unity Pro must reach a minimum revenue of $1,000,000 and have 1,000,000 installs. The fee ranges from $.02 to $.15 per install.
  • Games under Unity Enterprise must reach a minimum revenue of $1,000,000 and have 1,000,000 installs. The fee ranges from $.01 to $.125 per install.
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Here’s an example of one of the ads, taken from Sullivan’s 2nd cover of Skibidi Toilet.

Unfortunately, Google Play has refused to remove Otamatune Series for DMCA violations, as Sullivan isn’t “authorized to file a DMCA notice.”

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