Omnision - Scam wannabe carders, or legitimate carding/amazon defrauding operation?

goes by “Omnision” (Өmnisioη)
Domains Used:

I got a message on discord from an account “winky#7134” that was created yesterday. Probably a selfbot. They sent an advertisement for an amazon defrauding scam that also involved carding. The gist of it was this:

  • Find some items for sale on amazon that are worth > $450
  • List those items on ebay for less than they are worth new
  • When victims buy, order the product off of amazon to their address using stolen credit cards
  • pocket the victim’s payment, and turn it into bitcoin, tumble it, and sell it

They charge $150 to personally help you set it up and start running the operation.

So is it a scam, or a real carding/defrauding operation?

Here is the introductory video: here

Their telegram with more info
“reviews” of the service

A whois lookup of the domain shows it was registered to someone in Capital Region, Iceland (probably fake) on 2021-06-06 just before midnight, but thats the only real information. The registrar was namecheap.

Tried to dirbust it, but they have detection for that and temporarily blocked my ip.

They also included this image, but there is no metadata.

Anyone else get this message, or have any more information?


The domain seems to be dead now. :joy:

Still works for me!

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Got messaged as well.
The discord account was a different though “RYSN!Jonrobert93#0386”.
That account got created 2 days ago.

He advertises with having “over 1,600+ positive rep on Empire”, a DNM that got exit scammed about a year ago.

Also the wording of the message include a lot of phrases like “indisputable proof” or “absolute proof”, which imo. is a red flag already.
Certainly looks like a scam too me, but what do I know xD

The video from your post got deleted though.
I’ll just post a link to said video from my message: Here
It’s the same domain, different path.

Don’t know if that helps though.

A friend of mine got messaged from a Kajan#8418. Found that the domain is running cPanel on LiteSpeed but not much else yet. Pulled a couple “review” pics from the Telegram, but no exif.

I received a message saying the same thing from “lemon boy#8582” - seems pretty fake or at least old considering it’s mentioning Empire as a source of proof…

Recieved the message 3 hours ago, by a certain J u a n#3284
Surely this is a scam, since the messages were only found in the last 10 days or so, when they’re saying they’ve been doing this for the last 4 years. Might be new ways of publicity but I highly doubt it, haven’t clicked any links yet and I don’t intend to do so.
Careful folks.

message 1h ago:
new pseedo : “A.19.Virus Sause#4659”

I got the same dm from an account named: “Saudi Arob Lover#3963”

To throw out my 2 cents: it’s both. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that they are actually triangulating (as doing so on Amazon isn’t exactly new and it’s relatively popular on the Dark Web) but that mentorship thing is a ripoff at best and an exit scam at worst. Kids, if you really, really, REALLY need to commit crimes online, don’t commit crimes. But please do your research anyways and don’t get scammed hard in the process. You are putting yourself both at a financial and legal risk for no gain with this dude.

Also, site down for me even on proxies. Likely got scared / the host got busted.

“crazyed#1289” was the one who messaged me

From what ive reserarched it doesnt seem to be a scam, Empire and DNM were the biggest markets and he uses his rep because there are ways to check it using vendor databases

I used to be in a carding group and I had a friend who was carding for a while give me few question to ask him and he actually seems to be very knowledgable with carding at the very least, so if he actually has the experience it makes no sense to scam bc its more profitable for him not to plus he doesnt suicide his rep

just my thoughts i feel if he was scamming there would be some posts about it or something but he seems to have pretty clean rep. very interesting outreach method but part of me thinks the reason it isnt done often is because most scammers cant leverage reviews so they dont do that :confused:

if he is it’s the most complex thing ive seen just to take $150 and doesnt make any sense, i’m going to join today so we’ll see

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What are you using to look up his rep from DNMs? I can’t find anything about him on Recon.

i have no idea i never done this before, will ask my friend who is experienced with this stuff

something else i noticed when reading this over is i do think its a little disingenuous for whoever made this post not to include the actual offer, he only mentioned the $150 charge, so of course everyone thinks its a scam because it makes no sense to only charge $150, but he also charges a small portion of profits (forgot how much) and thats how he makes most of his money, the $150 is just to secure your slot and ensure youre not gonna drag him on and waste his time which imo is fair.

i also think if someone was actually scammed by him the first thing theyd do is find this on google and comment or something so the fact there isnt one person saying he scammed them is a good sign since it looks like a lot of peoople must have joined

waiting for my paycheck then im going to slide in hopefully

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Would have been hella more useful if you posted their nyms on said markets + said vouches. Do you have them? Also you are setting yourself for getting scammed, please be aware.

that is already on his channel, im just saying its really easy to armchair it and say its a scam but this is kind of a misleading post and people should really take a look at it before saying what it is or isnt, as its more helpful to me as someone who is considering it if i dont need to try filter all of these messages for ppl that actually have smth to offer aside from guesses in the form of gospel


looks too good to be true. I talked to him paid 150 now he wants 8-11k to help me start buy buying all the stuff i need. Too good to be true and im not going to risk that ammount of money

Its not 8-11k, You are just straight up lying I dont think you actually joined

Also this is just carding you can google it yourself and see the proof of concept, its too good to be true if you dont want to do the research but it costs companies literally billions a year and they spend a fuck ton of money on antifraud for a reason, the only people that are saying its a scam are people with absolutely no experience, legit talk to anyone with experience and theyll tell you its pretty legit


For real? They asked for 8000?

i joined yesterday, zoomer is not telling the truth

edit: post got locked, in any case my point still stands from earlier this is isnt a forum for people to spitball, if this guys is a scammer we would have seen / will see many people making posts and saying so, but not one person so far in almost a month, go look at other threads and you’ll see the difference

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@zoomerfullz Quit your bullshit