Numbers we can't shut down

My apologizes

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None needed :slight_smile: I don’t mind answering any questions for you buds

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8182141124 - Amazon Prime Scammers - HDCarrier.

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18553000151, Microsoft Scammers, Telcoline.


from yesterdays reports, both answered just now.
PLIVO 8334842797 Quickbooks
RINGCENTRAL 8775134989 popup

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I emailed Plivo and they gave me a big middle bird. second i was in touch with Ringcentral but it appears there sleeping. Always send me RC numbers. I have three contacts. apparently all on holiday.

18088087292, Microsoft Pop-up, Onvoy.

818 214 1957, Paypal Scammers, HDCarrier.

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i’ll use a rock tumbler on this did

5075770530 Seems to be a Spectrum Mobile, yesterday reported as Microsoft
answered just now claiming to be PayPal, wants remote access, not AnyDesk unfortunately.

888-656-2078, Geek Squad Scammers, Acefone.

Shutting down these lines is a piece of cake. I crave a challenge. Most of them were deactivated using my carrier email address. The one above merely rings and then beeps NIS. So, provide me with more to dismantle, and we can tackle this together as a team. I’m also working with the Blumes creator to add new innovative ideas to help everyone out. I care about the job we do, since the providers reach out to Me most. They know my email and who I am. A lot of respect has been earned lets all harness it into something good like shut downs :slight_smile:

HD Carrier and I have a scheduled meeting to discuss all the numbers assigned to us. Next week, we anticipate some modifications. However, it’s worth noting that this will be a Zoom meeting, and in the past, I have conducted such meetings with other carriers to grab their attention. Additionally, I have plans in progress involving INTELIQUENT, although I’m leaning towards a setup with Sinch instead of INTELIQUENT. The crucial element here is to refrain from spamming them, unlike what others have done, and ensuring that we provide accurate reports, including termination and origination numbers.

18446652693, Microsoft Scammers, Acefone,

18443299810, Microsoft scammers, VOIP Innovations.

844 665 2693 and 844 329 9810 just finished up with my embarrassment harassing beat off survey , alex max, kevin , jordan are saying with right today while maria, linda an steve going left and big tom jones is saying both , most of guys I ask tell me they do not have sperm bank available to donate to …

18339894506, E-mail Support Scammers, Intelliquent.

8039025667, Credit Card Scammers, Onvoy

8084278883, Norton, Onvoy

18336326266, Microsoft Pop-up, Acefone/RealPBX