Norton Scam of the Day (804)250-0849

Scam Number: 804-250-0849
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Order No. 802215 (scammer will ask for this) Amount: $189.00. Item is Norton 360 for Gamers.

Have fun, this came from a mass email. Tell them you’re responding to the email.


Jaymee!!! Been missing you Jim, how is everything out there in $10 gasland??

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Called the number, and an Indian voice, claiming to be from Norton answered, claiming to be Peter.

After calling the number again, the same person answered, so it may be a small operation.


I’ve reported the number to carrier.

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Highway robbery, bro. $6.99 per gallon today, regular gas at Unocal.
Keep up the good work messing with these scammers. I only have time for about 10 calls a day!