Norton scam, not sure of location

Scammer’s Number: +1(888,638,3534)
Domains Used: Norton
Extra Info: Sent by user: daisy wil [email protected]
The message contains:
Dear member,

Your subscription for Norton protection has been successfully renewed and updated. The debited amount will be reflected within next 24 to 48 hrs on your account statement.


Invoice No. : RX85353646NM

Product Name : Norton

Order Date : MAY-19-2021

Expiration Date : 1 Year from the date of purchase

Price : $233.99

Payment Method : Auto-Renewal

If you wish to cancel this subscription then please feel free to contact our billing department as soon as possible.

You can reach us on +1(888,638,3534)


Billing department


When was this email sent out? Not getting any response from the number.

Yesterday, as soon as I received the email I posted it here. I actually thought it was real since the email is accessible by various people and one of them uses Norton VPN. It might’ve become spoof, because before trying to call the number I checked the email address it was sent from and found out it was the wrong one.