Norton Refund 888-857-2079

The punk is gonna “chop my head off”. I do believe I pulled some of @MajorLeeAwesome nonsense on him and got him a bit irritated. T would be proud of that 40 min call as I played the dumb southern boy role.


Call back # 304-524-5320


Spoke with a lovely rundi. Textnow number. Answered as Amazon.

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Sad when they have a hard time with the name JANE DOE.


Told him 4 time I didn’t have Chrome. He needed to connect to remove the Norton I no longer wanted.

He went into the Cmd on my VM and here’s what drove him over the edge…

I’ve altered it by coding in “flush the input buffer” thereby it slowly erases what he types and it drove him insane :joy: :japanese_ogre:

Here’s the code:

//get rid of anything that has been typed into the console while waiting

//ignore further user input for a random number of seconds between 5 and 20
int WaitTime = rand() % 5000 + 20000;


Ha, @Jhawk! I bet your trick really chapped his sorry criminal arse!

I hope they are still answerin’. I am going in now!


Go for the juglar @Hviezdoslav and have fun at his expense! :+1: BTW, give him my regards.

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888-857-2079 … I keep calling from my TextNow number but on each call it rings a few times and then the “user busy” pops up within my TextNow app.

This did not used to happen in TextNow. Does this mean they don’t have a message machine for this phone number? Does this mean that it is a very small scam call center and there is nobody picking up my call and for some reason their phone system causes “user busy” to pop up after it rings a few times?

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I think they shut it down as neither GV nor TN would go thru and got a busy signal on both. We’ve hammering this center for nearly 2 hrs plus @cypressdevil used a flooder on them. They waved the white flag, lol.


I was thinking the same thing. The number must not have been “disconnected” officially in terms of the phone provider. They somehow just stop taking incoming calls for awhile.

I called the callback 304-524-5320 and I got a TextNow message machine. I left a mocking message to the criminal.
Then I called back the 304-524-5320 from my VOIP phone number after logging in to switch it to show UNKNOWN NUMBER rather than show my real VOIP phone number to harass the guy’s TextNow number but I did not get a TextNow message machine, so I think he got rid of this particular 304-524-5320 TextNow number that he was using.

That is GREAT though! It has been only a couple of hours or so since you created this thread, @Jhawk! Many of us remember when a toll-free number would be up, active, and being answered for AT LEAST one full day if not for a few days or a week or even weeks plural.

Great job, folks!
Maybe they’ll start answering the toll-free 888-857-2079 again after they finish their meal or break or whatever.


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Kolkata city


Put his number on all night dial… 200 calls randomly throughout the night will piss off any scammer. Cheers to the alcohol I’m drinking tonight…


Atta boy! I too enjoyed some relaxing gin and tonics

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I love trolling them all drunk​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can you DM me? I’m not able to DM you.

That’s because his profile is hidden.

Right that’s why I asked him to DM me. My profile is not hidden.

You could do a person to person chat with him. That is still hidden from others.

304-524-5320 Still Amazon Kate Monday 1-30-23 11:15AM EST

304-524-5320 I am getting " The number you have requested cannot be dialled " message.