Norton antivirus refund scam -> +1 (888) – 971 - 9831

Scam Number: +1 (888) – 971 - 9831
Domain Used:
Email: [email protected]
Original Message:
dear PRIME customer

thank you for buying our norton pc protection and for being a loyal consumer FOR the past one year. your pc support plan has expired yesterday; hence your subscription plan is auto renewed securely.

order details :-

order invoice: N180KJV63824

RENEWAL date : 01/10/2022

payment MODE : via online

cost: $157.98

• if this order is not placed by you or IF you think someone is gaining access to your Norton account to make a purchase then please feel free to reach us to cancel anytime and get a refund.

+1 (888) – 971 - 9831

thank you

norton account department


Of course, they want to connect to your computer and do not understand the concept of stopping the charge at the bank. Duh.

Very active (888) 971-9831 Norton scammer