Next Level Products, LLC - PENIS ENLARGEMENT/WEIGHT LOSS SCAMMERS DBA "Men's Vitality Warehouse"


“Hello, my name is Tina from the customer care department of Men’s Vitality Warehouse. We are calling because we would like you to try our latest product called the “Mega Male.” This enhancement has a very powerful formula that will increase the size of your erection and improve your sexual performance.”

Scammer will ask for what area you would like to improve, as they are promoting the fraudulent male enhancement formula Mega Male for $24.49/month.

The scammers hung up on me when I attempted to press them for a physical address. They claimed to be doing business from Wilmington, Delaware and that the full address will be presented in their “welcome package.”

After some further research, however, I found that the products are shipped by Omega Returns, which claims to do business from 4935 Mercury St., San Diego, CA, 92111 with a return address of 300 Delaware Ave Ste 210A, Wilmington, DE 19801-6601.

The fraudulent products are actually provided by Next Level Products, LLC, a vitamins and mineral supplier not rated by the Better Business Bureau. The company is also responsible for selling

Their products are now being sold under the business names of

User complaints also indicate that the company will attempt to sell their products via postcards in the mail using the likeness of Dr. Oz and that consumption of their products has proven to be deadly to individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

Associated Facebook Account - NowKeto | Coeur d’Alene ID | Facebook

Associated Instagram Account - NOW KETO (@nowketo) • Instagram photos and videos

Associated Twitter Account - NOW KETO (@nowketo) / Twitter

Associated Phone Numbers:




“Thank you for calling the Keto Extreme diet weight loss line. Your call is very important to us. Please hold and an agent will be ready to assist you as soon as possible.”



(888) 203-0820

“To serve you better, this call may be recorded for training and quality purposes.”


Associated Email Addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Attempted callback from ‪(213) 896-7930‬

The scammers also sell “Hard Max” male enhancement pills and do business as the “National Pain Relief Center” to sell “Prestige Relief” CBD products for $48.99.

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The (646) number has been discontinued, with each call resulting in 4 high-pitched beeps before immediately hanging up. The scammers continue receiving calls from the (213) number, even on weekends.

Scammers are no longer accepting anonymous calls from the (646) number, but they are now using it to sell “New Leaf” CBD gummies as the “National Pain Relief Center.”

NEW NUMBER - ‪(239) 232-8432


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Here is an interesting fact: Many of these telephone numbers are on the network of Telnyx VOIP carrier. In my experience, there is a tremendous number of scams and spam on the network of this company. Telnyx appears to turn a blind eye to never-ending illegal conduct by their customers. I’ve been harassed by their “clients” for years, and complaining to Telnyx does not do much.

Those folks who have doubts about it, please take a look at reviews of Telnyx on BBB. They have a ton of positive highly questionable reviews from people located mostly in India, Middle East or the Philippines. That should tell you a LOT: likely, these are fake reviews made by scammers themselves.

On the other hand, please take a look at numerous negative reviews coming from the US public on Google. These are real people making legitimate complaints, which Telnyx either fights or refuses to acknowledge.

Akin to Onvoy/Inteliquent and Peerless Network, Telnyx is a nasty spammy carrier that is a safe haven for scams and illegal robocalls. If we could get rid of those 3, we would likely reduce robocalls and scams by at least 80%!

@MehNamesJeff @MajorLeeAwesome @Hviezdoslav @Jhawk @FIREFIGHTER619 @Bea - I assume you guys had similar experiences to mine, didn’t you?


Well … When I’ve reported numbers they have either ignored me or asked me for a lot of evidence such as the number that was used to speak to the scammer, I will not reveal my number because it’s one of theirs (sorry but they are cheap) and I have personally seen them ban scambaiters when scammers have made totally unfounded easily disproved complaints. Telnyx are officially shit :laughing:


Thank you for sharing @Bea. Agreed, Telnyx is a nasty despicable piece of shit! They are no different than Onvoy, Peerless Network and IP Horizon scum.


I have so much recorded dirt on Telnyx
They’re corrupt pieces of shit who have corrupt/illegal dealings with known criminals.
I intercepted calls where the imbecile in question said the quiet parts out loud and doxed his low intelligence lifelong loser self to admitting running protection rackets for known scam call centres.
I have plenty of juicy things on a load of self proclaimed “angels & pillars of righteousness” in this community.
Truth be known, their behavior and acts perpetrated are nothing short of disgusting at best, felonious and criminal at the other end of the scale.
It’s all an act and front to hide what’s happening in the background.


I cannot agree more, sir. VOIP = disgusting scum and criminal imbeciles!


I’ll try and finish a massive investigation on illegal robocalling tonight.
I have so many investigations started and waiting in a very long queue for me to get my shit together and finish them off
I do all these sort of things as the US sleeps.
I can find out just as much about them when they don’t answer.
I don’t need the shitheads interrupting my flow by talking bullshit on the hundreds/thousands of numbers my search dialers slam into.
People think these places have the one or two numbers listed on their $3.75 websites.
I can assure you that aint the case at all, as I’ll show along with all the evidence of robocall activity from every number.
It also links two scumbag predatory companies together, which not too many/if any people realized was the case, with tens (possibly hundreds) of millions of unwanted and intrusive robocalls going back forever + a day.
I’ve been working on this project for the last two nights for a total of about 14 hours of research and then hunting all their numbers out.
It’s inevitable that I never capture all their numbers, dialing through several billion toll free numbers is quite impossible…even for my dialers which can do these things very quickly indeed! :wink:


This is some excellent work! If it could be of any help to you, I have had success initiating the conversation with US Telecom Association. It has led to government bodies reaching out to me directly and asking for evidence. Those were individuals at the level of Directors of Enforcement and Compliance:

Contact USTelecom – USTelecom