New type of AT&T / Direct TV scam

Scammer’s Number: 877-703-3200
Domains Used:
Extra Info:

This one is interesting and I could see people falling for it. When they call they try to get you to sign up for Direct TV via a voice robot prompt that they make sound very much like AT&T corporate. I had asked AT&T to take me off their marketing list long ago, so I thought they may have added me again so I wanted to tell them to knock it off. If you press “Yes” to your interest in the offer to speak to a representative, they take you a a complete EXACT COPY of the AT&T menu system so it sounds like you are REALLY on the AT&T support number. When I pressed a number to speak to a rep, the recording switched over to another robot asking for my account PIN code! If you decline it they will immediately hang up on you. This clued me in this is def some scam to get people’s PIN codes by pretending to be AT&T calling you directly! Once you enter your PIN they have your account! Don’t ever enter it into any system unless you are calling AT&T corporate confirmed number directly. I could see someone fairly knowledgeable falling for this crap.

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IP shows Chandigarh, Punjab India. They tell you to buy eBay cards to get 50% fake discount

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I did get an automated call offering a discount on my DirectTV account. I did have an account (or at least have my parent’s account info) so it wasn’t implausible but I definitely wasn’t the one they should be talking to so I let it go.

I think it was 877-462-9400 but I called them and it was some automated medical device service offer.


I’ve noticed that some of these scammers are using their 877 numbers for multiple scams now. For instance I called one back that was a medical device scammer and the number had a message for other scams like some insurance thing or car scam. Pity these numbers can’t be taken down since they are running many scams at once thru them!

Yes seem round-robin calls. different offers at different times