Need help stealthing a vmware virtual machine

hello, im new to this website and scambaiting as a whole. im trying to make a stealthy virtual machine with vmware. i know that the line smbios.reflecthost = “TRUE” is supposed to show your host machine’s bios in the vm msinfo32 window.
however, when i type that line into the vm config file, it still shows signs that its a vm in the msinfo32 window. how do i fix this?
thanks for any help, sorry if this is the wrong tag or something, im new to all this

Search on youtube Jim browing stealthy vm

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thats what i was following. i did allof the steps he recommended, like renaming the hard drive, display and network adapters, its the hiding of the bios that wasnt working even with the ’ smbios.reflecthost = “TRUE” ’

U need u restart ur pc and hit f10 and allow vurtual products

i have virtualization enabled in bios and have windows hyperv options enabled, nothing changed

Make sure there’s an empty line after the reflectbios.