MYTECH Tech Support Scam (844) 429-0511, (872) 264-2825, (203) 493-7979 and (336) 530-0473

Scam Number: +1 (844) 429-0511, +1 (872) 264-2825, +1 (203) 493-7979
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Press 1 after connecting. The guy I connected to had a username of Technician4 and he was straight to the point, instantly told me to go to He also told me stopped drivers was a bad sign. Fixation is 299, Basic Protection is 699, Advanced is 799 and Platinum is 899 (lifetime). They’ll pretend they are fixing it for an hour (they’ll go to the performance tab of ask manager so make sure that doesn’t say it’s a vm, then change up some settings and uninstall some apps) then call you back. They will also install some applications that “Protect you” (which seem oddly familiar to me, OH it’s because some other scammers have used them, this organization seems to have scammed for a long time) downloads below. After they call you back they’ll ask you to go to some websites to check if all is fine.

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(seems like Visual Studio 2010 VB.NET app?)

Index of /scammers (
(I will not keep this on my web server so I used


popup scammers

New Number: +1 (336) 530-0473
New Email: [email protected]


The first time I just now called, a woman answered and she sounded displeased. She did not sound like she was having a good time. She only said “hello” in an annoyed voice. I tried to start baiting her in a sincere and nice way, but she hung up on me.

I called a second time. A guy answered and I heard him talking. I am not sure if he was talking to me or someone else. I could not understand him. Finally he hung up. I kept asking and saying, “Is this technical support? Can you hear me? I can hear you but are you speaking to me?”

I called this +1 (336) 530-0473 a THIRD time and I got the GENERIC TEXTNOW msg machine. So this phone number is a TextNow phone number. The message I left was mocking and ridiculing the incompetence and ineptitude of you criminals.

(203) is active, I am on call now using first pop up

Currently flooding them with the Bhenchod song.

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Number still active, on phone with Jennifer

+12542945479 is still active, the voicemails tell me to call them back at the 336 number.