MCHelper - MyComputerHelper - Longest running scam 24/7 call center

this guys is long running goes back to 2012 , as long as the now destroyed livepcexpert ...america geeks didnt run as long as these guys , and unlike myphonesupport this one is all trojan rat malware scammers , the usual back end lines act as microsoft or premium tech support ( )...infect you with a trojan and scam u along for years ..these guys needs to be destroyed been putting this above "supporthello" priority , these guys been running for a while need them to change up there menu to 5 digits long like we did for supporthello and cheapflightfares

the biggest scam baiter on youtube even made a video 10 months ago and there still using the main number like there above the law , well heres my along waited expose and numbers i collected over the month , we need this done and over like we showed livepcexpert, entricks, america geeks , cheapflightfares, supporthello , guruaid

Time to show them there not going to operate without us


**Phone numbers **


**Back end**


details of there operation:

googling the back end numbers u will see the extent of this operation , its the biggest i ever seen in 4 years of scam baiting ..fake disconnection messages and numbers will go dead when theres to many scam baiters , and they keep on going , we need everyone on this , america geeks level


@newtondial#96618 Hindi abuse initiated!!!:sunglasses::call_me_hand:

@drwat any info , we need u on this one

![image capturepng.png](

shout out to @drwat @kenzo and @Markiemm and my favorite dude @Philmuhcrackin

love this site within 5 minutes half the numbers arent picking up lmaoo

if u get a dead number or a number has been disconnected message

its just there trick , all the numbers i listed are under there control for years . they turn some on and off depending on the scam baiters calling them ,to trick them to stop calling , they been running for a while and have multiple fake disconnection messages and turn off there numbers sometimes for a hour or so to stop u from calling them

He asked for Make and Model of my computer. Told him my friend built it (i built it) he hung up lol

@newtondial#96622 Thank you

There back. They sound depressed already

Ive hit these guys in the past. Forgot about them…thanks for the reminder @newtondial#96740

18333508070 and 18339441100 been active today the most …some numbers go on and off depending on us lol

Alot of numbers working today then having trouble staying up

1 833 350 8050


1833 350 8070

1 833 350 8050

working well today ,even the main number jus came back up from that fake disconnection message.. making u hit 2 numbers now lol

@newtondial#97113 Poofed!

1 833 350 8080

1 833 350 8090

new numbers for mchelper and no menu !

these guys have the most numbers i ever seen

last hour they shut 3 numbers down … xx4803 xxx1100 xx8070 … Poof! :wink:



One more MCHelper Website +1-855-389-4844 -MCHelper

+1-855-900-0490 -MCHelper

+1-855-999-9877 -MCHelper

+1-855-553-4777 -MCHelper

+18333508050 -MCHelper

these are the most numbers i EVER seen one company having, its stunning , this has been running since 2012

when they get too many scam baiters on one number , they shut it down with a fake message or kill the number and use another, use a new menu of hitting 2 digits , there like a camelon they can switch up things instantly

ill try the new numbers thanks everyone! ever since i made this thread the main number been down for days and the back end numbers seem to come on and off depending on the amount of scam baiters here lolll


edit wow they all work and there confirmed all mc helper wow , most of them are working well and have no menu to hit , ill change that today , thanks

@newtondial#97402 This might be useful to you:

Another number I found:

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