Mcaffee refund

Scammer’s Number: 8038878044
Domains Used:
Extra Info: email regarding the charge

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No longer in service :+1:t2::grin:


That’s how we like it, :+1:


Back again
Kolkata scammers


Jackson Cooper again, :rofl:


Yes Jackson Cooper


out of service for now!

Welcome Ryan! :wave:

2:57 pm Central … “Daniel” just answered …

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8038878044 HELLOOOO Muthafukkazz!

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Hello! :grinning:

I had an over three hour call with ““Patrick Wilson”” from this number earlier. I played chess with him Scam Baiting Clip: Playing Chess With a Scammer - YouTube

When I first called this number, it showed up as a contact that I had called previously in TextNow, so I think this number has been active for quite some time.

man i heard you whole time XD

It’s back in service just got off the phone with the idiot. Take a glass of water

Had a very long discussion about Tor browser & how to use the deep web. Was picking my brain to learn, but I of course gave him a lot of double-talk. Then he sent this text to me…

You’ve been invited to join a video call. Join: TextNow Video Calling
I’m going to start a video call for us

I did NOT respond to his vid call request!

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“Number is no longer in service”
Just what I like to hear! I’ll keep the number in my dialer and check again later.

Send him a John Holmes or Ron Jeremy video! Number down. Any further input on this asshole?

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:rofl: :rofl: Wish I’d have thought of that MQ, though I’m sure the asshole would’ve got off on that!