McAfee Refund (808)466-0156 as of 8/4/2022

Scam Number: 808-466-0156
Domain Used:
Extra Info: As of 8/4/2022

YET AGAIN no answer

Yes, they are answering. Edward Wilson answered and asked me if I am a YouTuber.

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YET AGAIN no answerhow long ago
I am trying t times from all different numbers

Try calling again. How come I can get through and you can’t?

It goes through rings then voice mail.
What does your number start with

You’re right, sometimes you hear stupid music then voicemail. Sometimes same stupid music, then it connects you to a live person. My last call went to an Edward Wilson (fake name) who suspected me to be a YouTuber, then became very abusive with the usual F’ing my mother last night, etc.

Just be patient, and keep on trying. They’ll soon be packing up for the day, but there’s always tomorrow.

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I got through. Talking now

I just tried calling it 5:02 EST and it was long music and told me to leave a voicemail so i dont know if we are all calling it or what but yeah :slight_smile:

Do you want to take over soon.
My virtual machine is not up yet.
He is going to call me back

Name awood adwerson