May 8 - Trying to Scam the Scammed and Admitting What They Are

315-370-7811 – Another lovely group. Thinking they had a young woman on the phone whose husband is in the USMC stationed in Iraq, you can practically hear them salivating over getting MORE money out of her. They are probably jealous that the other scammer got the $1000. I called them out at the end and the guy admitted that he was a scammer and not the IRS. He said it was his job to steal. No remorse, no I will stop but of course the usual “I want to meet you”. I really do try to get thru to them, sometimes I have to be harsh, trying to make them actually HEAR me. I have a small iota of hope left that one day I will get one that actually listens to me. There is a space where I am on hold for a long time which you can skip thru.

@JusticeinTexas#30133 I realized he said a monthly payment plan then changed it to weekly! Then changed it back to monthly.

@JusticeinTexas#30137 “The serious allegations have not been taken care of, but the arrest warrant has been cancelled”. I believe you found someone with some ad lib skills as he actually seemed to be making crap up on the fly.

BTW- Well played... :)

@6flagsray#30144 Thank you. It felt like he put the second guy on because he did not know what to do. You could hear the gears turning in his head as he was pulling it out of his butt. Maybe he needs to crap a pencil and piece of paper and that will help?

@6flagsray#30144 Golly, someday I will get my dates straight. I think these numbskulls are rubbing off on me since I don’t know if it is Tuesday or Wednesday!

@JusticeinTexas#30133 Just excellent scambaiting!

Some Hindi words: Chor =thief (male), Chor-ni= thief (female)

Other words for a cheats used in India: Thug, Thugee, Dhokay-bazz, Mister-Four-twenty, Chaar-sou-Bees

@drwat#30193 Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. The writing of what was said is easier for me than actually recording. I get self conscious because I know people will be listening.