Maj. Calkins Holmes - Major, United States Army. [email protected]

There is no phone number or domain used. I have the original email address the email was sent from. I just don’t want to post it publicly because it looks like someone’s personal GMail account was hacked to send the spam email from. This is kind of odd to me, considering they have an email address for themselves with GMail (see below).

If you are a legit scambaiter DM me if you want this person’s hacked email address, I will only share it with legit scambaiters due to privacy concerns for this individual.

Extra Info:

I have a Venture/Preposition (Compensation Funds C.F ) recovered from sale of antiquities/artefacts and soaring oil revenue) from the Middle East. If you are interested to partner with me, you will be offered a 30% share. Kindly reply for details. Reply to: [email protected]
Calkins Holmes
Major, United States Army.
(Camp Arifjan) Kuwait.

This person is committing stolen valor to scam. This is despicable and must be stopped. If you speak to the scammer and you are finished, please call them out for their repulsive stolen valor.

Have you checked the email it was sent from on or

Nope why would I do that? It ain’t my email.

Just because it doesn’t show in haveibeenpwned doesn’t mean it isn’t hacked.

As far as I know it only sends emails to the email that is being checked if it has been pwned. Meaning I cannot check his email because I would need his email password to get the email from haveibeenpwned to tell me they’re pwned.

Either way I don’t have the time or the setup just yet to bother with this one, so I offer it to others. If you want to check you can but as mentioned the email address it came from only goes out to legit scambaiters.