Loan scammer robocall megathread


  • (731) 242-8216 (Peerless)
  • (855) 277-8799 (VoIP Innovations)
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  • (505) 356-8511 (Peerless, used to call and send a voicemail)
  • (213) 567-4916 (Onvoy, the number I was asked to call back)
  • (424) 451-3390 (Busy Peerless, listed on 800Notes)
  • (850) 448-0274 (Busy Peerless, listed on 800Notes)
  • (213) 221-3582 (Onvoy)
  • (270) 960-1137 (Commio, now parked for $100 retail rebate vouchers.)
  • (602) 887-1898 (Commio, reported on Nomorobo)
  • (866) 333-0448 (Unassigned Voyce, listed on 800Notes)
  • (213) 418-9338 (Onvoy)
  • (928) 551-6741 (Busy Level 3, reported on RoboKiller)

Scammers are now doing business as “Financial Relief” or “EZ Finance” to falsely claim you inquired about and are pre-qualified for “additional financial help.” Calls are answered by an overseas call center will screen calls to their “senior financial advisors” from the “debt relief enrollment center,” who will hang up if you ask them for the exact name of their company.


I was checking through the few thousand more relief advisory agency numbers in my database and came across these other numbers from “Amelia Cooper”, from the Underwriting Team

Even more of shocker is every single number listed as well as the dozens of other scams on hundreds and even thousands of adjacent numbers wherever the Relief Advisory Agency or these from the Underwriting Team are all on the Peerless network



Edit: add


In the consecutive "one thousand number blocks around all these scams are a boatload of other scams and utter rubbish.
they occupy every single number in certain ranges and keep repeating for often hundreds of numbers

I find these two numbers below very interesting about this “new tax credit” which is available with a deadline to file for the benefit strangely just happens to be today :rofl::rofl::rofl:
This bill was devised and legislation was first passed by congress early in the day, way back on March 14, 2020 when it passed the United States House of Representatives.
The Senate passed the legislation on March 18, 2020 and then president Trump signed it into law later that same day.
Hardly what I or any sane person would call “A new tax credit”

9014261247 A new tax credit called the families first coronavirus response act
9014261250 A new tax credit called the families first coronavirus response act

New…not even close
This temporary relief program has certainly run it’s course and I can find zero evidence of the deadline being today.
I would like to take a bets that at 0:00:01 tomorrow morning this deadline date will change to April 16, 2024 :wink:
I will offer drastically reduced odds on April 17, 2024 then becoming the new deadline.


In the space pf 2 days, this has changed from the new coronavirus tax credit and are now 2 different menu fake business loan garbage.
This is consistent with hundreds of other numbers I track which change every day or two

9014261247 New SBA (Small Business Administration) loan of 150k

9014261250 Business finance loans (much better than all other genuine companies by name offers)

I have found a few more numbers in another area code with the same coronavirus tax credit crap on them which will go into another thread due to the huge amount of other documented scam numbers adjacent to them.

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I started to target this “Patriot Tax” garbage as well as the thing I have labelled as
“Financial hardship relief”
They always occur adjacent to Relief advisory agency, American debt agency and Debt management center which I think are all the same crowd

This block isn’t completed yet and there is another 30 or more complete area codes with 1000 block ranges to search

213 - Los Angeles, CA

2136977403 Relief advisory agency
2136977415 American debt agency
2136977427 Debt management center
2136977428 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977434 Relief advisory agency
2136977438 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977446 Debt management center
2136977448 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977449 Relief advisory agency
2136977454 Relief advisory agency
2136977473 Relief advisory agency
2136977480 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977483 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977484 Relief advisory agency
2136977494 Financial hardship relief
2136977496 American debt agency
2136977498 Relief advisory agency
2136977504 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977505 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977508 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977509 Debt management center
2136977524 Relief advisory agency
2136977525 Relief advisory agency
2136977528 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977532 Financial hardship relief
2136977534 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977535 Relief advisory agency
2136977541 Financial hardship relief
2136977544 Debt management center
2136977553 American debt agency
2136977554 Debt management center
2136977559 Relief advisory agency
2136977560 Financial hardship relief
2136977561 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977562 Financial hardship relief
2136977567 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977568 Relief advisory agency
2136977570 Financial hardship relief
2136977575 Financial hardship relief
2136977578 American debt agency
2136977579 Debt management center
2136977584 American debt agency
2136977586 Financial hardship relief
2136977590 Debt management center
2136977594 Financial hardship relief
2136977595 Financial hardship relief
2136977596 Debt management center
2136977599 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977601 Relief advisory agency
2136977602 Financial hardship relief
2136977603 Financial hardship relief
2136977605 Financial hardship relief
2136977606 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2136977615 Debt management center

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The second 1000 block local area code in the 213 area code finished running overnight, which houses the same twaddle as is in every one of these clusters of scammy bullshit. These things are everywhere, their only purpose is to robocall like lunatics from every number daily

All numbers in this block are on the Peerless network

213 - Los Angeles, CA

2137149003 Financial hardship relief
2137149010 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149013 Relief advisory agency
2137149014 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149026 Relief advisory agency
2137149036 Financial hardship relief
2137149037 Financial hardship relief
2137149039 Relief advisory agency
2137149052 Financial hardship relief
2137149061 Financial hardship relief
2137149067 Relief advisory agency
2137149068 Relief advisory agency
2137149078 Relief advisory agency
2137149079 Relief advisory agency
2137149084 Relief advisory agency
2137149085 Financial hardship relief
2137149101 Financial hardship relief
2137149109 Relief advisory agency
2137149113 American debt agency
2137149118 Relief advisory agency
2137149120 Financial hardship relief
2137149132 American debt agency
2137149135 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149147 American debt agency
2137149148 US debt relief
2137149149 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149155 Financial hardship relief
2137149158 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149164 Relief advisory agency
2137149170 Debt management center
2137149173 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149178 American debt agency
2137149187 Financial hardship relief
2137149189 Relief advisory agency
2137149203 Relief advisory agency
2137149204 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149205 American debt agency
2137149208 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149216 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149217 Debt management center
2137149218 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149220 Debt management center
2137149224 American debt agency
2137149225 Debt management center
2137149232 Relief advisory agency
2137149236 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149237 Relief advisory agency
2137149240 American debt agency
2137149241 Relief advisory agency
2137149242 Financial hardship relief
2137149248 Financial hardship relief
2137149251 Relief advisory agency
2137149257 Relief advisory agency
2137149258 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149263 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149264 Relief advisory agency
2137149272 Financial hardship relief
2137149274 Relief advisory agency
2137149275 Relief advisory agency
2137149276 Financial hardship relief
2137149277 Debt management center
2137149285 Debt management center
2137149290 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149291 American debt agency
2137149302 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149311 Debt management center
2137149318 Relief advisory agency
2137149324 Financial hardship relief
2137149330 Financial hardship relief
2137149334 Relief advisory agency
2137149340 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149341 Relief advisory agency
2137149342 Financial hardship relief
2137149347 American debt agency
2137149349 Financial hardship relief
2137149355 Relief advisory agency
2137149367 Financial hardship relief
2137149370 Relief advisory agency
2137149371 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149374 Relief advisory agency
2137149381 Relief advisory agency
2137149383 Debt management center
2137149387 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149389 Financial hardship relief
2137149398 Debt management center
2137149409 Debt management center
2137149415 Financial hardship relief
2137149422 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149426 American debt agency
2137149430 Relief advisory agency
2137149433 Financial hardship relief
2137149439 Relief advisory agency
2137149445 Debt management center
2137149456 Debt management center
2137149457 Debt management center
2137149462 Relief advisory agency
2137149464 Relief advisory agency
2137149467 Relief advisory agency
2137149469 American debt agency
2137149472 Financial hardship relief
2137149477 Relief advisory agency
2137149485 US debt relief
2137149493 American debt agency
2137149503 Financial hardship relief
2137149504 Relief advisory agency
2137149505 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149514 Relief advisory agency
2137149519 American debt agency
2137149524 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149527 Financial hardship relief
2137149529 Financial hardship relief
2137149530 Financial hardship relief
2137149531 Relief advisory agency
2137149538 Debt management center
2137149544 Debt management center
2137149545 American debt agency
2137149548 Relief advisory agency
2137149549 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149563 Relief advisory agency
2137149572 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149575 Relief advisory agency
2137149578 Financial hardship relief
2137149579 Relief advisory agency
2137149582 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149586 Debt management center
2137149591 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149598 Financial hardship relief
2137149609 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149614 American debt agency
2137149616 Financial hardship relief
2137149620 Relief advisory agency
2137149630 Relief advisory agency
2137149642 American debt agency
2137149644 US debt relief
2137149650 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149656 Relief advisory agency
2137149657 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149660 Relief advisory agency
2137149664 Relief advisory agency
2137149665 Debt management center
2137149675 Relief advisory agency
2137149678 Relief advisory agency
2137149679 American debt agency
2137149681 Relief advisory agency
2137149682 Relief advisory agency
2137149688 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149689 American debt agency
2137149694 Financial hardship relief
2137149701 American debt agency
2137149703 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149707 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149709 Financial hardship relief
2137149710 Debt management center
2137149711 Relief advisory agency
2137149713 Financial hardship relief
2137149716 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149721 American debt agency
2137149722 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149727 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149734 Debt management center
2137149735 Relief advisory agency
2137149736 Financial hardship relief
2137149746 Relief advisory agency
2137149747 Debt management center
2137149750 Financial hardship relief
2137149751 Relief advisory agency
2137149758 Relief advisory agency
2137149763 Relief advisory agency
2137149764 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149770 Relief advisory agency
2137149776 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149781 Relief advisory agency
2137149782 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149788 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149797 Relief advisory agency
2137149798 Relief advisory agency
2137149803 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149808 Debt management center
2137149816 Financial hardship relief
2137149820 American debt agency
2137149839 Relief advisory agency
2137149840 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149841 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149845 Debt management center
2137149851 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149854 American debt agency
2137149861 Relief advisory agency
2137149866 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149871 Debt management center
2137149872 Relief advisory agency
2137149874 Debt management center
2137149876 American debt agency
2137149879 Debt management center
2137149883 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149886 Financial hardship relief
2137149891 Relief advisory agency
2137149892 Debt management center
2137149893 Relief advisory agency
2137149894 Financial hardship relief
2137149895 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149899 Debt management center
2137149902 Financial hardship relief
2137149904 Debt management center
2137149915 Relief advisory agency
2137149918 American debt agency
2137149920 Financial hardship relief
2137149923 Financial hardship relief
2137149927 Financial hardship relief
2137149928 Relief advisory agency
2137149930 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149935 Financial hardship relief
2137149936 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149937 Financial hardship relief
2137149938 Relief advisory agency
2137149940 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149941 Financial hardship relief
2137149948 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149949 Relief advisory agency
2137149950 Relief advisory agency
2137149955 Relief advisory agency
2137149956 Financial hardship relief
2137149965 Relief advisory agency
2137149967 American debt agency
2137149970 Debt management center
2137149976 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149993 Relief advisory agency
2137149996 Patriot Tax tax forgiveness
2137149997 Relief advisory agency

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NEW NUMBER: (839) 220-3809 (Nuso)

Scammers are now calling under the guise of the “Approval Dept.” about a “time-sensitive update” falsely claiming I was pre-approved for up to $50,000 in benefits.

Pressing 0 transfers my call to the “Debt Management Center,” who will screen callers before transferring their call to DebtCo in Irvine, California. I am personally in firm belief that the company responsible for making these calls is DebtCo Holding B.V, a fraudulent digital collections agency serving the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands from J.C. van Markenlaan 3, Rijswijk, South Holland 2285, Netherlands.

The company also operates out of Great Britain as DebtCo UK Solutions Limited and DebtCo US with their office located at Marble Hall. 80 Nightingale Road. Derby. Derbyshire. England. DE24 8BF, United Kingdom.

The company has a 1.3-star grade with users on Google, where users have complained about making false claims through fraudulent emails, text messages and phone calls.


Associated Mobile Apps:

Associated LinkedIn Accounts:

Associated WhatsApp Accounts:

Associated Phone Number - (205) 526-4480 (Onvoy via Neutral Tandem, instant hang)

Associated Email Addresses:

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These have been in their hundreds amongst the 1000 blocks of Spectrum scam numbers I’ve been listing.

There is so many of them logging every one of them would choke my systems and I would be making no progress.

It’s almost pick a number and you have a fairly good chance of getting relief advisory agency, or some other free government printed cash scam for every good subservient subject who suckles the teat of big govco.
We are the only ones who know how to do everything from education, to health, to how you can invest your own money… everything is in the purview of our expertise!!

Simply place your trust in us and you get as many free checks of other peoples money as you want…how good is that. :thinking: :yawning_face: :sleeping:
Unfortunately the scammers realize that so many are willing to blindly trust the very clowns they should never trust at all…and is the reason they can swindle so many thousands of people so easily

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NEW NUMER: (320) 385-6327 (PEERLESS)

The scammers are now using “inbound call guard” to protect their telephone lines from bot attacks and calls from numbers that are “not on their records.” User reports on YouMail indicate that it is being used to facilitate these scam calls.


I’m still finding them by the thousands without call guard

I couldn’t be bothered logging them all any more there is so many of them in all area codes.

These two toll free numbers are them but they now answer as Debt enrollment center or National financial hardship enrollment center and all sorts of word anagram variations.

They have these by the thousands everywhere, instructing people to call these toll free numbers

6064421872 Relief advisory agency
6064421893 Relief advisory agency

Also there is this variation where they call you back

2092083033 Relief advisory agency

Also this one where they connect

3204520521 Relief advisory agency

8446002010 Relief advisory agency
8772018648 Relief advisory agency

2096976261 National financial hardship center

They have tens of thousands of active numbers and adding more all the time no doubt



  • (341) 214-8937 (Peerless, Used to call me)
  • (707) 781-5025 (Onvoy via Sinch Voice, used to answer calls)
  • (320) 385-6327 (Peerless protected by Inbound Call Guard, Used to send a voicemail)
  • (888) 920-0046 (VoIP innovations number I was asked to call)

The scammers are now making soliciting calls under the guise of “Shelly Cooper from the underwriting team” to falsely claim I qualify for a $36,000 financial hardship program after inquiring for one. Calls are answered by “Union Financial/UNL,” though the agents answer as the “Debt Resolution Loan Center”.

A Google search for “C.P.D. Reg. No. T.S. 12-03822” reveals that the Debt Resolution Loan Center is actually a shell company for ClearOne Advantage, LLC, a credit counseling service operating out of 410 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 1000, Tempe, AZ 85281 and the Broom Factory at 3500 Boston St Suite 413, Baltimore, MD 21224

User complaints on their Google, TrustPilot and BBB listings indicate patterns of fraudulent behavior, such as:

  • Taking power of attorney over their customers’ accounts through a simple inquiry call.
  • Locking users’ accounts and refusing to pay off their debts.
  • Having employees use personal, botted or compromised accounts to generate fraudulent positive reviews
  • Using customer service bots under the guise of live agents.
  • Operating under multiple business identities, such as Pacific Debt Relief
  • Charging customers $3 per phone call
  • Refusing to provide any proof that they were paying off creditors.

The company was named in a 2018 lawsuit in the Eastern District of California alongside the Research Triangle Institute for neglegent violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Associated Facebook Account - Redirecting...

Associated LinkedIn Account - ClearOne Advantage | LinkedIn

Associated X Account -

Associated YouTube Channel -

Associated Phone Numbers:

  • (800) 657-3328 (Kall8)
  • (888) 340-4697 (Vonage)

Associated Email Addresses:

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  • (731) 203-5095 (Peerless, used to call me)
  • (888) 920-0046 (VoIP innovations number I was asked to call)
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