Legal Complaint Scam (Debt Collector Scam) (855) 281-2156

This number was added to BobRTC and appears to be a new type of debt scam I’ve never seen before. I think it might be a variation on the debt collection classic: “scare you with legal process terminology”, and normally debt collectors are off my radar, but this number has appeared over 11,000 times on and it’s blacklisted on Nomo and on Robokiller and seems to have an expanding list of toll free callback numbers.

(855) 281-2156

YouMail has some samples of the robocall they are blasting out:

I have approved the number on BobRTC (answers during business hours NYC time):

Their robocalls also mention two other toll free numbers:
8882031962 "Proceedings Group", which sounds like a fake department to make it sound like a law office
8665139407 "Proceedings Group", same ""

When doing a FWC lookup on the 1962 number I see all the telltale signs of a debt collection scammer OR a debt collection firm relying on illegal practices to make contacts, such as: wardialing which is a TCPA violation, not validating their phone lists which is DNC, not stating their identity which is a violation of the Truth in Caller ID Act, and pretending to be filing legal documents and impersonating a law firm which is an FDCPA violation:

![image 2019-12-26-03-46-24jpg.jpeg](

We already have the phone numbers to the USA's most well-known accounts receivables companies already blacklisted but I tried searching some hellhole lists to see if I could match any of these numbers with a known debt collector but I came up short.

This has me thinking that this is a boiler room operation that's trying to operate in the shadows so they don't get caught by the FTC.

They are sending a tremendous amount of harassing autodialer calls to people, don't have a traceable identity, their voicemails are a blatant violation of the FDCPA (failure to give the debt pre-warn sending thousands of fake "legal documents" voicemails when it's clear they haven't filed anything) and the TCPA (the wardialing without scrubbed lists, they're making a lot of misdialed calls); this one appears safe to slap on the label of "illegal debt collector".

One of their robo voicemails also has a robot speaking a serial number at the end of the voicemail. This is something new that some robocallers are doing now on their voicemails where they are trying to suss out which one of the numbers they robocalled was actually a honeypot number. When they find their own number showing up as blacklisted they can listen for the serial number and trace that back to the number they called.

It reduces the chances of their calls being detected and then blastlisted by Nomo/Robokiller/YouMail.

Dialer guys will pay big money to scrub honeypot DID numbers off their robocall lists and some of these guys are now circulating honeylists amongst each other (reselling it, of course). It is only a matter of time before scammers get a hold of honeylists and it starts to become an effective tool to get around call blockers.

Back when I used to have my personal mobile forwarded to a screening bot I would get multiple scam calls a day. I haven't received a scam call on my personal mobile since November 8th. Meanwhile a burner phone that has a bobo SIM chip in it with a Detroit area code gets about 10 a day.

I deforwarded my main mobile several months ago because I'm sure my phone number is now on a honeylist. GoHealth doesn't even call me anymore like they used to.