Lacuna Ventures, LLC - FAKE ATTORNEYS for Camp Lejeune victims DBA "Guardian Legal Network"

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Registered via GoDaddy on April 9, 2022 (Updated April 11, 2022) - Whois


Lejeune Lawsuits is a subsidiary of Lacuna Ventures, LLC. that also does business as the Guardian Legal Network. Their offices are located at 2 Depot Plaza, Suite 402, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Associated Facebook Account - Lacuna Ventures, LLC. (


Associated Phone Number - (800) 993-4727

“Thank you for calling.”

“Thank you for calling the Guardian Legal Network, this call is recorded for quality purposes. Are you calling for a new or existing Camp Lejeune claim coverage?”


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Registered by Fabio Missale in Sicily, Italy via NameCase GmbH on October 23, 2019 (Updated November 8, 2021) - Whois

Associated IP Address -

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Other names they are using on FB and landing pages -Abuse Attention, CPAP Safety News, Camp Lejeune Attention, Camp Lejeune Victims, Consumer Attention, Consumer Guardian, Consumer Lifeline, Drug, Family Health Alert, Family Health Watch, Foam Lawsuits, Injury Attention, Lejeune Lawsuits, Lejeune Victims, National Claims Bureau, Property Damage Helpline, Right to Fight, USA Claims Bureau, and Victim Abuse


it’s important to also note that there are probably a shit ton of people who go by these names, both legit and fraudulent. Some of these are pretty standard buzzwords for names

Got 3 calls from (866) 480-3739

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