Krause & Kinsman, dangerous Camp Lejeune AMBULANCE CHASERS




“Hey there, thanks for calling. As Americans, it’s important we get justice for the wrongs that have been done to us. Did you know that right now, there are big companies who are legally liable for their wrongdoings and paying out huge cash settlements in the millions to everyday of Americans like you and me? It’s possible that you may be entitled to receive a big payday from one of these companies. Some of these settlements are changing people’s lives in an amazing way. Imagine the possibilities of a big cash payout for you and your family, it could literally change your life. One of the biggest ongoing lawsuits is what happened when families at Camp Lejeune were subject to toxic water contamination. Thousands of families were exposed to this water, which has led to many unfortunate health conditions and injuries. If you or a loved one has been exposed to this toxic water, you may be eligible to receive life-changing compensation. Please stay on the line and you’ll be connected immediately to a specialist who can help you claim your settlement.”

Callers are then transferred to one of their “Specialists,” Sam with “Advocacy Center,” an overseas call center that will screen callers before transferring the call to the “Camp Lejeune Legal Helpline” for Krause and Kinsman, a fraudulent personal injury law firm located at 4717 Grand Ave Ste 250, Kansas City, MO 64112-2261

The company has a failing grade with the Better Business Bureau, as several complaints are posted regarding their fraudulent email campaign, which involves sending numerous emails to victims with or without relation to Camp Lejeune through random or HACKED email addresses without any option for consumers to unsubscribe. Several complaints are also found on Yelp, indicating that the company is a racist institution hiring employees without any help or training via ShiftSmart.

The company was also named in a bankruptcy lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for filing thousands of unvetted, potentially fraudulent, civil claims of sexual abuse against scout leaders in attempt to gain control of the bankruptcy case.

Associated Facebook Account - KRAUSE & KINSMAN LAW FIRM | Facebook

Associated Instagram Account - Krause & Kinsman (@krausekinsmanlaw) • Instagram photos and videos

Associated Twitter Account - Krause & Kinsman (@KrauseKinsman) / Twitter

Associated Phone Number - (816) 200-2900

“Welcome to the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm, the nationally recognized torts and personal injury law firm.”

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated IP Address -

I am surprised I haven’t seen a TV ad on these fockers.

Wonder if Morgan and Morgan would ever fight for these dudes. or Better Call Saul…

NEW NUMBER - (519) 562-0364



NEW NUMBER - (647) 450-6839



NEW NUMBER - (905) 724-7817



I reported their spam emails to the bar association… This may be a way if they have violated the rules of professional conduct for attorneys.

I have responded to spam SMS about camp lejeune using burner numbers to see who was behind it and ended up on the phone with this company. I think I saved a bunch of the information. They were working with an infamous spammer called Admediary .Processing: Screenshot_20230108-191008.jpg…

AdMediary - American Loan/Credit/Disability/Legal/Bitcoin/Extended Warranty SCAMMERS - Wall of Shame / Name and Shame - Scammer Info

Here are the rules for lawyers in Missouri

I filed one some months back as I thought violating the can-spam act rose to be a violation of the code of conduct.

You can file a complaint here

I would suggest if you want to do so to review the rules and be able to specify which rules they have broken with their “advertising” I hit them on failing to include some verbiage about hiring a lawyer is important, don’t just rely on an ad.

My complaint did not end up getting any results but perhaps a few more might get some attention.

Feel free to PM me if you want to review together.