Just another tech support scammer

Number: 18556983241

I got it through a youtube ad. Please enjoy.

Is it My Phone support?

what type of scam is this?



Tech support, just tell them you say the ad and then they will have you use support.me or something. Then will ask you to pay.

@Kenneth123#11695 Is My Phone Support a scam? I see their ads everywhere.


I would say scam yes

@Nestastic#11701 I think they might be legit.but I have seen there number on here a few times.

@Nestastic#11701 They are most definitely a scam. They ran a “virus scan” and asked for a ridiculous amount.

they answer the phone and asked what problem i had

i said i need some help with my windows ,

he says i believe you looking for microsoft and he gave me this

scam number 8006427676

myphonesupport.com (parent ConsumerSoft) BIG time scammers. Consumersoft pushes malware/junkware like SuperAntiSpyware and many others. Out of India.

hahah they challenged me to call them as much as they want. Challenge accepted

i need help cleaning my windows, they are dirty, hahaha stupid scammers. Awesome number. Thanks

@speedy311#11740 And they think they are legit

@baiterscam777#11741 they are not legit. Do not be fooled by their bullshit script. Myfasterpc is a fake scanner that displays fake errors. I had like hundreds of issue on my vm according to that fake ass program. Not to mention their fake reviews. Pathetic.

@baiterscam777#11739 ive called them about 900 or thousand of times. Ive called them everyday for hours. Keep flooding their call center. I have also yet to see the authorities at my doorstep… Lol silly script.

@elborracho#11706 yep. They were going to charge me about 249.99 something to remove my temporary files which was the “source” of my slow performance problem. Lol my vm was running at 2gb of ram lmfao.

@baiterscam777#11741 yeah they think so after so many scam calls hahahaa

I Dont Know Guys, Everytime I Check ConsumerSoft Support, The Less I Think Of It As A Scam. For Example,

-They Admit They Are From India
-Their Hold Music Guy With A American Accent (That I Know Is American) Says "Thank You For Calling MyPhoneSupport.
-Look It Up On Google

@Terminite#13915 Removal instructions for My Faster PC - Malware Removal Self-Help Guides - Malwarebytes Forums

Consumersoft’s Myfasterpc’s is fake pc optmizer deisgned to trick you into thinking your computer has problems so that you can call their toll-free number to pay for their phony services. Myphonesupport doesn’t know shit about computers and wanted to charge me 249 bucks just to remove my temp files as they claimed that was the source of my slow pc performance when really it was running on 2 gigs of ram. After I confronted them being a scam, they rebooted my virtual machine in safe mode. Just because an they have an automated voice with an american accent doesn’t make them legit. Lots of scammers use autmated systems of various English accents. Here is a video which contains evidence that they are indeed conducting a scam.


@watchmedotthibault#11709 Uhhhh that’s actually Microsoft lol

They actually have a whole row of numbers dial 855698324? (0-9) tried them all last night all ring my phone support.