[JAMAICAN πŸ‡―πŸ‡²] MEGA MILLIONS Scammer: (646) 968-0521

After calling these guys earlier today, they are EXTREMELY paranoid. I highly encourage you to troll them and have fu n! They leave a voice message at first: (646) 968-0521

Welcome inside the Mega Millions Sweepstakes Company, working alongside the American Shoppers Awards. Your call is monitored and recorded for quality purposes. First and foremost, the Mega Millions is to officially announce you as the grand prize winner winner in the 100 million dollar Golden Harvest Sweepstakes giveaway, sponsored by the Berkshire Hathaway, Incest. American Shoppers Award and the Multistate Lottery Association. As the grand prize winner, you are awarded with a certified check of $8,500,000, along with the most awesome bonus prize ever. 5000 each and every month for life. And last but not least, a 2022 GL, 63s class MercedesBenz with five years warranty, 24 months of free auto insurance, and a gas card which allows you to receive free gasoline at any gas.

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Called him, got β€œhello?”, so I proceeded with my very bad Jamaican accent impersonation.

β€œIrie, mon. I got a message, sayin’ I won de American Shoppers Award and Multistate Lottery Association… Boat a dem, mon! Boat a dem!”

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HAHAHAH! Nice one!

β€ͺ(646) 968-0521‬ Still active

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Wow. Months later.

845-999-6575 Not in Service. Friday 9-23-22 9:06PM EST

917-908-9455 Not in Service. Friday 9-23-22 9:24PM EST

702-744-3528 Not in Service, Friday 9-23-22 9:25PM EST

914-860-8458 Not in Service, Friday 9-23-22 9:27PM EST

518-519-7157 Still Active. VM. Friday 9-23-22 9:22PM EST

702-200-1791 Still Active. John VM. Friday 9-23-22 9:33PM EST

516-399-7501 Still Active. VM. Friday 9-23-22 9:34PM EST

316-600-3396 Still Active. VM. Friday 9-23-22 9:36PM EST

800-542-9453 Still Active. VM. Friday 9-23-22 9:38PM EST

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Will look into this.