IRS - SSA scam 6/22 8:00am PST - Very funny


Attached is my recording of this phone call. I was playing to him a character call "Lenny" who bables on about non-sense. I didn't start the recording right away so the first minute you will only hear Lenny speaking. The guy that answered this call then starts asking me for my name and SSN. I just kept playing different "Lenny" audio files and he just kept answering me. This went on for 9 minutes. By the time I was done with the call, I was almost crying from laughing too much.

Got a recorded message about a number. Being spoofed.

@Beachboy#35461 I just called and got the same recorded message that is informing people about these scammers. Whoever hacked into their phone, Thank You.

Smarter than the average goat fucker. 🐐

If any one wants to hear the message, here it is:

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 210-776-1805

That was a good thing that someone hacked the voicemail I

I tried this number again later on in the day. I found that sometimes it goes to the voicemail stating that this number is a scam. However, sometimes the scammer answers. Here is a recording of my call:

In this recording he asks me for my name, SSN, DOB, and the state where I was born. I think he is using to verify the year and state born. If they actually gets a real persons SSN, they could do all kinds of financial havoc for that person.

Possibly yeah, once they know your SSN they can do all kind of bad shit to it.

I raided them. Number is not working.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Some good Samaritan did the right job. Dial the fake IRS number and let it ring for a while and listen to the scam warning.