IRS Scammer who call me 202-897-0529

IRS Scammer who call me 202-897-0529

Welcome back mike

@RamanRoy#18334 Thank you .

@michael221805#18335 this number is hilarious

@RamanRoy#18336 I know lol.

He said he will show up and rape me. I said that’s unfortunate Im not into men, that’s why when your mother showed up here she instantly went into my meat grinder along with the other cows and chicken. I came on the food then sprinkled a bit of Ganesh’s nipple juice on there and ate it out. dude lost his mind lol

@Ikillscammers#18343 LOL wow.

@Ikillscammers#18343 Instant Hindi Rampage

@michael221805#18333 It says to record a message or press star to go to the operator

@WayneZengDaItGuy#18357 Do both .

@WayneZengDaItGuy#18357 same

@iFap#18361 Or they have stop picking calls up or they are sleeping .

@michael221805#18362 Hopefully their village hut got ethnically cleansed