IRS Scammer as seen on Youtuber Hoax Hotel's Channel

I have 2 number actually, I believe both are fake IRS scammers.



Both numbers have people who speak Hindi. Here are some helpful words you can use or understand if they start spurting them at you thinking you won't know. Some basic ones they like to use:
Madarchod (mother fucker), Bhen Chod (sister fucker), Bhosadike (born from a rotten pussy), chodu (fucker), chutiya (fucker or bastard), gaandu (which can range from being born from an ass or faggot), kuttiya (bitch), Apni lund choos (put your fist up your ass) and many other you can easily find by searching for Hindi swears. These are a few I picked up watching a Youtuber named Hoax Hotel and these seemed to be the ones they liked to spew out when they got frustrated. 😂 Hope this helps, have fun and be safe! Always use a VPN/burner/etc.

@Squeakmouse#74317 A phase not commonly used by scambaiters but is common in India. It is not vulgar but scammers do get insulted as it pertains to their mothers;

Bhootani-Ka-Baccha: son of a female goblin/ghost
Bhootani-Kie-Bacchie: daughter of a female goblin/ghost
first number1-888-475-0781 is fake IRS and the second is Indian tech scam
US 1-888-995-5185
Billing: +1 888 990 9524
UK 0808 234 6124
AUS 1-800-159-477