IRS Scam Number

IRS Scam Number - 321-895-7001

They seem to not pick up

@Adamhaddad#9416 It don’t work no more but try this one IRS Scammer Working Number - 646-809-9667 but when you call ask for officer Pickle Dick and they will get mad .

@michael221805#9478 ok thx lol

@Adamhaddad#9560 Ok.

@Adamhaddad#9560 But if that number don’t work no more for you try this working IRS Scammer number - 305-363-2366 They saying from IRS, Microsoft, and Direct TV call these dumb fucks .


@michael221805#9478 646-809-9667


@overloadog#9732 Gold what ?

@overloadog#9732 Yeah that one works, wasted about 30 mins of their time, i said that the number on the code was bhenchod and they hung up, got no reaction, Still cant. I said my name was Michael Grove and that got them, don’t know if a guy called Michael Grove got called by them lol

@FOXYCallum1#9737 What number don’t work for you this one IRS Scam Number - 321-895-7001 ?

Here is a new one IRS Scammer Number - 503-358-0589

@michael221805#9575 Called this number 3053632366 and the guy said he was direct tv XD Listen here: The end is funny

@WasteScammersTime189#9762 Ok.

@WasteScammersTime189#9762 LOL .