IRS Scam active as of 11:15 AM 04/09

18004847937 And it’s toll free, even better!

The line is still working at 1109 Central time. It is perfect that his extension is ZERO. Same old same old, only he kept repeating everything he said three times. I told him I didn’t work and my husband is the Chief Deputy Sheriff of my county and he did the taxes. He said that the arrest warrant was under my name. I said now how can that be? I don’t make any money and am 6 months pregnant with twins. I don’t know if this guy was dumb, dense or just mean. He said the audit was in my name only. I said now how can that be? He said that I alone had to pay whatever amount it was because he never told me. I said well now how can that be since my husband only gives me an allowance? He said I could not tell anybody. I said well now how can that be? I would have to get the money from him. He asked if I could drive. I said of course but I am 6 months pregnant with twins! He said but you can drive, right? I said yes. He said to go to the Valmart. I said well now how can that be 'cause first I don’t have the pickup and second, we don’t have a Valmart. He said to go to the Valgreens (still not telling me how much money). I said well now how can that be? We don’t have a Valgreens in our town. He said to go to CVS. I said well now how can that be? We don’t have a CVS. I would have to go all the way to Clovis, New Mexico which is 27 miles away. HE TOLD ME TO WALK! I said well how can that be since I am 6 months pregnant with twins. I told him to call my husband. He wanted his name, phone, and badge number. I said Dontcha know that a Sheriff’s badge does not have a number? It is a star with a circle around it and says, Deputy Sheriff. He has a personnel number but I don’t know it. I said I would have my husband call him. He said he would call my husband so I gave him the local Sherriff’s Office number. Is he gonna get a surprise if he calls. Dumb or mean, I just can’t decide! IF you choose to take the mission, call back and say you are Deputy Sheriff Dominguez and why is Richard Weber 4947707 calling and harassing your pregnant wife.

@JusticeinTexas#26737 “Dumb or mean, I just can’t decide!” How about “Yes”. :slight_smile:

@6flagsray#26739 I have to say, you ALWAYS make me laugh! Teehee!

@6flagsray#26739 Dumb and mean? NOW, HOW CAN THAT BE?

@JusticeinTexas#26741 Ditto. Your use of “Valgreens” and “Valmart” has me laughing every time. They once asked if I lived in “Pennsylwania” when I gave them my fake number. I told them “no, I live in Pennsylvania”. He didn’t find it amusing!

I do have to wonder how many people actually fall for these IRS scams. I mean, who actually goes to the local Valgreen's to buy large denominations of iTunes or prepaid Visa cards thinking that this is the normal way to pay the Federal Government? You'd think the thought would cross one's mind that "Hey, something doesn't sound right about this."

I guess someone must be falling for it if they have been around as long as they have.

@6flagsray#26748 It is very sad. The problem is that people are so scared that they can’t reason. They just want it to go away. What is REALLY sad is that people are so afraid of their own government that they would do this. I remember the first IRS call I got. It scared me silly and that was back in 2009! I was getting over 100 calls a day from scammers. So bad that we put our landline on a fax machine. Then we got rid of the landline altogether which of course stopped most of the calls and saved us money to boot. Oh, and the scammers never say anything when I say Valgreens or Goathouse or Turban Tax or WD1040.

@JusticeinTexas#26755 I can understand that, and I do know that senior citizens in particular are probably their main targets as they don’t understand that the world we live in today is vastly different to what it was “back in the day”. It really bothers me that there are people out there whose sole purpose is to take advantage of people that aren’t used to being threatened with arrests by someone with an Indian accent…

And I had NO idea that this has been going on since 2009. Nearly a decade of scamming is simply ridiculous. I know our little revenge calls don't really put a dent in the system, but if the folks on this board are able to keep them from scamming some innocent people, then I feel we have done good. :)

@6flagsray#26757 Oh, yes, it has been going on at least that long. Well, at least we can do our little part. I had one guy when I told him I was a Pastor want to know how he could get out of the life. I told him he had to stop doing what he was doing. He said that his wife forced him to do it because she wanted nice things and the kids in private school. I told him that was just materialistic and he had to stop lying and cheating to get into Heaven. I also told him that he should be wearing the pants in his family. Of course, after talking to Indian women scammers I can understand being screeched at all day long by that kind of voice. He actually called my Prison Ministry phone number back 6 times to talk and told me that he had gotten a real job and out of the scamming business. I pray that he was telling me the truth.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 800-484-7937 check out my funny exchange with this guy.