Irs 2027945466

IRS scammers posing as Treasury Department. The case file they gave me in voicemail is CP72981. Working as of 10 mins ago

at least they were smart enough to actually get a Washington DC number, instead of a random area code, like most scammers do.

Didn’t answer on textnow on 3:40 Central standard time

It works. I pretended to be a Mexican migrant who came in the US a couple years ago thanks to the visa lottery. When I told him about my situation, IRS officer John Lee badge id number irm94363 decided to drop all the charges against me and wished me luck!

Still working :smiley: sounds like a big operation in the background

Called again about 10 mins ago, Officer Alex Hernandez, and higher authority Officer Tiffany Rodriguez were ready to send the Local Police to pick me up (in 45 minutes) for my fraudulent taxes.

Still taking calls & CP72981 was accepted.

This number registered with, I have reported it on their abuse page.