Instagram Scammer Treasure Trove (These claims about returns are ridiculous!)

Scam Number: 18605564948

Domain Used: Instagram Handle @flip._money

Extra Info:

I don’t see a lot of social media scams mentioned on here. I was watching a scambaiting video about Instagram Money Flippers.

The scam is: You give the person X-dollars and they 100X that money. They claim that you’ll be rich in minutes. It’s pretty insane.

Anyway, a simple way to find all these people are to search “Money Flippers” on instagram and you’ll find a TON of Instagram profiles to contact. What’s interesting is all the “social proof” videos of people allegedly making money. I suspect they are stolen videos from other locations.

They often put their number in the description. Naturally, they want you to send a deposit on MoneyGram or CashApp to proceed. I’m a little shocked how common this is on Instagram.

I’ve just started to look into this after an acquaintance was scammed on Instagram. How this worked was that someone had hacked one of her friends accounts. They sent her a message that her daughter was in a contest and needed votes. She claims she could not send this on Instagram. She needed to send it on her phone. This person gave the woman her phone number, once she clicked on that link, they had control of her Instagram account. Unbeknownst to her, because you can’t even contact anyone on Instagram, they hacked her account and were doing Bitcoin scams.

Are you aware of anyone who knows the scams where they want to send you money. They claim that to do so, you have to add their email to your Instagram account. I’ve even got these, but I’m not sure what to do with them. There are also “verification code” scammers. They send private messages, tell you they have an issue with their phone, and they want Instagram to send you a verification code so they can get back into their account. Once you do the verification code, they have either logged a new phone number to scam with, open a new IG or even more nefarious things. And it all comes back to the person who fell for this. I’m trying to sort these scams out, but they are so varied and so many of them that my head is spinning.

And might I add, I have reported these people to Instagram. Bitcoin scammers, verification code scammers, lottery winners, sugar momas, etc to Instagram. Instagram does absolutely nothing, ever! This one guy tried to scam me and a bunch of my friends, 10 of us reported him, yes 10 and his account is still active 2 weeks later. Instagram does not seem to care one bit