I'm New Here - Thought You Guys Might Want A Fresh Number

Scammer’s Number: 1-800-667-2506
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Visa Card Is “Blocked”!! This Is An Alert!! Call Immediately!! You guys know the drill, I only JUST received this scam attempt VIA text message, at roughly 5:50pm, West Coast time, on 06-21-2021… I’m not sure what “Domains Used” means guys, maybe someone can clue me in… but this attempt was done VIA a text message, if that’s what it means… Happy Hunting!! I haven’t tried it yet myself… :slight_smile:


Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe a screenshot when they come in… Sometimes we get asked to read them the error.

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also welcome to both

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Domain means, it there was a website referred in the scam. In your case t is not applicable. Thanks

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Verified scam. It prompts you for all credit card info and hangs up. Steals

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Welcome aboard Felix :grin:

Best way to mess with these asshats is to enter valid-ish card info (all fake, of course) so they epic fail when attempting to use it.

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Welcome to the community :smile:

Welcome to the club :smiley::heart:

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Welcome Felix! I’m pretty new myself too! Just got into this kind of, and stuff really enjoy it!


Hi Felix, welcome to the forum.

I’m extremely happy you posted this. I have a call flooder script that feeds fake info to these scams. It can hit them on about 15 lines at a time and rapidly fills their database up with utter crap. It’s banging away at their number now.

This looks like a relatively unsophisticated scam setup. It doesn’t make any attempt to check the validity of the card or SSN numbers it is harvesting and only seems to accept calls on one line at a time.

@Hyperninja303 @E_Pluribus_Unum
WOW!! Everyone is so nice here… I’m not allowed to tag everyone because I’m on “Rookie Probation” here or something haha… Anyway, I’m used to the YouTube comment section, which as you guys probably know, is more like a Roman Gladiator fighting pit than a place to share ideas and opinions, comments fight each other to the death over there!! I’m so tired of it, and it’s sad that I have to do this, but I actually scroll the page down just enough so that only the video I’m watching and everything above that is actually visible, this way I don’t have to even SEE the comment section and all of it’s negativity…
I got into ScamBaiting a few years ago, I used to record my calls with them, and I have quite a few recordings of some epic adventures with some pretty hardcore scammers. I went and listened to some of them a couple days ago, and man, I had forgotten just how heartless and sociopathic some of these scammers can be. I used to pretend to be some oblivious target, and sometimes I’d just get them as frustrated as possible, other times I’d play it as real as I could, just to see how far THEY would take it, how MUCH they were willing to steal from some kind, frightened, confused old man… and as you guys know, there’s pretty much no limit to their greed.
I’m sorry, I’m rambling too much aren’t I?? My bad guys… I’ll post more scammers contact info, and be sure to always leave enough meat on the bone for everyone else!! HAHA!!

I’m ashamed of the scammer I posted LOL… What a great first impression, of course my guy has to be some amateur with a crappy setup haha

I take it you must be pretty new! Welcome aboard, I hate the moderation on the new people too, but I totally get that they have a reason for it!

@hamisbetterthanascam it’s so scammers can’t start joining and spamming trash websites instantly :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: It’s highly unlikely, however it would be hilarious if call centers had a site were they tracked us, the scambaiters!

you’d be surprised how often they try to spam fake cbd pill sites lmao