"I'm a carder and reputable darknet vendor" Discord SCAM


Associated Discord Account - grinx#7446

I’ve gathered a little more about the user since their username has stayed the same. If you (Or the person who received these messages) still have them, report them to Discord via the request form

Just got this message, but from a different tag and username.

Same here, it seems.

Just got contacted as well

There is another one with the name Geo

i got the same msg

i got the same

Just got this today like about 8 minutes ago be safe everyone


Long time since someone posted Lulzandfeelz and Chernobyl are two other “Dark Web Fraudsters” Unforutatly they didn’t learn from the last moron who reused their username on the clear net. I Operated until 2017 on the dark web, But the last thing I will do is admit to anything I did there and What usernames/markets I sold on. This is due to the issue of law enforcement sniffing around for clues because they’re short staffed and lazy due to the pandemic.

Just had this sent to me looks to be from the same group.

It is, Same old same old Moron. You know it’s really annoying that this is the case… Discord’s “Trust and Safety team” Has to be one of the worst VoIP/IM Moderation teams to date. Reported CP, User came back and claimed it was “Revenge Porn” Like it was obvious it wasn’t and It was CP.