I need more Number resources

most numbers i call dont even work and its annoying. i love refund scams, and tech support scams but there is rarely any numbers that work. so if you know other websites or other ways to find scam numbers that would be Great!

(but not bobrtc)

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I have used this to great effect in finding travel scams, but it definitely can be used for tech support related scams. It’s a hard read since the formatting got screwed up when the forums changed a bit.

There was a similar post to this which has less links and wasnt a response to a direct question, but the reply to it lists a lot of common misspellings of sites that could potentially lead to some more tech support scams, although it could take a while to find one. Also using a website that lets you copy paste and open a lot of links at once can speed things up quite nicely. Just be careful as sometimes you can be redirected to something that will auto start a download or much, much worse. So please for the love of all things holy use a virtual machine and VPN.

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will those websites give me viruses or malwarebytes?
if so, than how do i protect my self from them? do i use a VM?

more than likely, a few might try and do that. Yes, use a VPN. Even a normal pop up has the potential at damaging your computer.

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agreed. also i love the way you said that and i will steal that thank you.