I got Scammer Information. And shut down a scam number really fast

Killed two birds with one stone today.

Scammer wanted me to send a check to: Ellen Alsup
2520 North Adams Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73127

I pretended to be at the Bank and “accidentally” told the bank I’m on the phone with PCH. I then pretended to be a bank supervisor and improved a conversation where I requested to get info from the guy on the phone.

He wouldn’t respond to my questions, and would only say “I’m here.” while heavily breathing into his phone. He hung up, I called back and he started to answer my question before hanging up mid-way through. I called back 3 times and on the fourth time the number was out-of-service.

Hopefully you guys can get info on that money mule.

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She is 73 yrs old, doubtful she’s a money mule but a Vic will try to contact her.

Do we have a number to contact her?

Yes, here you go: https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/details?name=Ellen%20Alsup&citystatezip=Oklahoma%20City%2C%20OK&rid=0x0

Great job people!! :orange_heart::orange_heart:

Keep in mind, some money mules are unaware that they are one

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This might be useful to help understand how a money mule might not know they are one: