I got another fake PayPal invoice for ya all 888-994-2367


Ryan Williams. I have to hold back laughter when they give me these stupid names. He also thought my name was George. Such despicable idiots.

I added the number into the title for easy copy/paste.

I played this way to straight… Need to try again…

Sometimes they pickup, sometimes long hold music.

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I didn’t even get hold music, just constantly rings

I did a longer bait… they want you to go to paypalsec.us and when you click on “cancel now” It starts to download a file.

Reporting to Paypal as well.

FIle was too long to push here… but its up on my SoundCloud::
[Stream episode 23 Sep 2022 14:41 by Lester_419 podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud](https://Paypalsec.Us Scammer)


I don’t think they are happy… Called with an Romanian Number - Got called a hacker and instant hang up

These clowns were call flooded relentlessly a couple of hours ago when their turn in line came around
They were bombarded with better than 3000 calls per second (concurrent) until they went silent as punishment for using that evil screen connect.
They were down in around 60 seconds
They came back up and I was waiting for them.
I asked this side Peter Williams if they enjoyed the phenomenon of every phone ringing constantly.
He gave me a smart mouthed reply of “Yes I really enjoy dat one over here”.
I gave him the option if he wanted 2000 or 3000 calls per second, or perhaps a lot more this time, I can give you whatever you want Petee boy.
He went suddenly quiet and so did their number for the next 7-8 minutes. :grin:
They are being given the option again right now.
Their number will be very dead very soon.

It’s great having them lost for words when they know what is coming.
Shutting down dozens of call centres a day simply by saying to them when the verifying call gets to them, “good morning dickhead, are you ready for your daily flogging now?”
I wonder if the call centre bosses realise these lazy bastards take an extra long coffee break 2 minutes after they bring the number online and ramp up their natural talent of lying for the day.

Sucks to be them I suppose.
They’ll eventually learn, or have it kicked into their thick vacuous skulls.
Either way suits me just fine