I got a dumb scammer to fall for my psychological tricks

I downloaded malware and used a software modifier called “Resource Hacker” to make the malware look like a legitimate program. I also used a URL shortener called VeryHot. I made a Google Drive download link for a zip file which contained eight copies of the same malware virus. The malware virus is “Windows XP Horror Edition”. Because of scammer.info’s terms of service, I cannot post links that download malware. This scammer completely fell for my trick. Just like how every scammer goes through the script they’ve been given to read over the phone, I perhaps made my own using notepad.

"Hi I'm calling in regards to a voicemail saying I can diagnose a computer. I was instructed to call this number back and diagnose your computer on your end. To verify you agree on this, I ask that you open up the browser of your choice, and type in the web address <link>. Please extract the ZIP file and open either of the eight captcha apps. Each app has its own auto-generated captcha code. Please open the one of your choice".

When I came across the "verify"/"link" part of my script, I stumbled, but surprisingly, he still believed me. I got disconnected and I intentionally did because I was busy with something else. When I called him back, he asked for my name and I told him "Robert", which is not my real name. It was a fake one just to keep this scammer busy. A few minutes after off the call, I called the number but I didn't get to talk to anyone because the call ended after just one ring.

Using every scammers' mind tricks I know of, I took this scammer for a ride.

I tried it on another scammer. This scammer would not have it with me. He told me I "called the wrong number". He kept hanging up each time I went even further into using my tactics to fool him.

Using every scammers' mind tricks I know of, I got this scammer to block me.

Let's see if I can use my script on another scammer. I'll keep you posted here.