How to Mute a User on (and other forums)

EDIT: After I already typed this out, I realized that this will not hide posts, it just stops notifications from that user. The correct option is ignore. So when I say mute, I mean ignore.

I’ve noticed a few people asking about the possibility of muting certain users on this forum.

Discourse (the forum software used on this site and many others) has a mute feature you can use if you’re logged in while browsing

To mute someone, navigate to their profile by clicking on their username and click on the drop-down menu with the person avatar which will say “normal” by default. Select “muted” from the menu and then exit. If you’re having difficulty locating this button, I’ve attached a photo showing the location in the mobile version of the site.

This doesn’t only work on It will also work with any forums that use the discourse platform. You can easily tell if a site is using discourse by looking at the top bar. Most other discourse sites will have a similar layout as has

If you’re curious about any other features available in this forum software, ask any member of staff or check out the official discourse forum.

It’s worth mentioning that not all features of discourse may be enabled on this site but most are available.


@R11R I’ve done that several times through the weeks and they still show up.

Are you always browsing logged in? You will see all posts on the public page and logged out

I am all day long

Try clearing cache and logging back in. As a test, try muting me and come back and see if you can see my posts. IDK if you’ll be able to mute a staff member.

My apologies. It looks like I completely misunderstood the feature’s function.

After further research, I can see this only applies to notifications. I’ll look to see if a mute/block feature is available. If it is, I’ll ask staff about implementing it.

EDIT: The feature is “ignore” not “mute”

Well I’ve only muted a few. But every time they re-post the same numbers over and over through out the day, I go to the bottom of the thread and it’s showing as normal. I’ve even clicked on there avatar and specifically done each one like that but it keeps happening. I never log out always on.

Yeah I misread the feature description.

And I’ve found ignore which still shows the users post but when you click on it, it says hidden.

What do you mean? It’s still visible until you click on it or you just see their username?

On the community main page it shows the info like everyone else, but if you had them ignored, you click on the post and then it shows you that post but the details on it are hidden. This has become and issue for me the past couple of days since a new user has posted multiple numbers, and then through out the day they continue to start new topics for those original posts. They happen about every 5 to 10 minutes. I’m not sure if they want to get there posts raised or what. I just have to keep muting each new topic that’s posted. It’s exhausting.

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If a user is starting new topics on an existing topic, might be worth flagging for review. We can merge topics if we feel the need.

As far as blocking is concerned, currently the ignore option is the best available option.

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Can you message me Privately and I’ll give you some more detail please.

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