How to be safe in the art of scambaiting?

Can you be tracked back from using FireRTC? Is there a way? Has it ever happened to someone before? Worried rn. Should you use a vnp when calling? What would happen if they doxxed you?

If they doxxed me I’d be pretty excited, I’d actually have a reason to put the kettle on :slight_smile:

If you’re that scared of anything happening, then it’s clear you don’t know what you’re doing and should not do it.

A VPN moves the internet endpoint from one place to the next. Normally your ISP would be the place where you connect to the internet, if you use a VPN, then all of your internet traffic will first be sent to the VPN provider. Now you have to ask yourself who you trust more. In my case, It's my ISP. So using a VPN would be bad in my case.

A VPN could come in handy if they accuse you of not being from the US. Then activating a VPN for just your VPN could be useful.

How would they dox you? Are you planning on giving them your information? What's in it for them when they post your private info online? They just want to disconnect the line. A toll-free call costs them money and the time they spend talking to you could be spent talking to a (potential) victim.

@nullr0ute#30408 So they can back track you if you are using FireRTC?

@Reevy#30406 idk man maybe they send something in mail or ddos your home network. People can be crazy which is why I am worried about FireRTC safety