Here is a top dog scammer and his wife's Instagram pages (mega rich)

This is a big fish and so far he keeps paying off the Indian police. I know he has been named here before but we need to continue to name and shame them so their crimes remain known/grow in knowledge and it puts on pressure. He runs various companies using the name Asoftech, pleasant green has exposed him but had to hide his info for YouTube. We need to keep the pressure on this one. He’s literally genuinely rich from this. They also have a 3 year old daughter now too. Doomed, being raised by criminals.

The wife is constantly coming with him in first class on holidays, getting professional makeup done, nails, expensive clothing etc.

These people have taken this money from America’s elderly. They did not earn it.

We have to keep digging and exposing them. Putting on the pressure. Hopefully someone with better abilities will catch wind of this and be able to do more than that. Some baiters even have connections in India.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 151644

I’m from UK but I think I speak for all of us when I say, America has to fight back. Spread the word to other communities and people with “good tech abilities” if you follow. I’m actually a software engineer student (first year) and if when I have certain abilities they’re still untouched I’ll go for it myself. It’s not often a fish this huge is uncovered at all. This would send a message to the scamming communities (they like/comment and engage with their posts, so these scammers are somewhat of a “celebrity” in those circles due to the wealth.)

PS… I think YouTube needs serious reform. Criminals should be exposed as it can assist in repercussions for crimes. Proven criminals should at least be an exception to their rule on privacy.

Also, to those of you who currently bait, thank you. I’m disgusted this is how our elderly are being treated after all their life of hardwork and honest living. In the last 5 years a huge wave of baiters have appeared and I hope this keeps momentum. You gotta fight back for your parents/grandparents. They deserve better.

Glad to be here. I will do all I can to pass on information for now and when I have the skills I will join the fight as an active baiter too.