Help trolling a tech scammer

Wheres a good site i can download keyloggers, malware, and shit to fuck up a scammers computer via file transfer as soon as he connects to me and when he puts me on hold also how would i infect his pc with out him knowing

Search on google “Actual Keylogger”

@Reaver#4503 You can PM me or add my skype (reaper_259) and I’ll help you out. Can’t recommend downloading without 100% certainty that it is legitimate. As far as infecting him without knowing, I assume you mean social engineering, it is no longer plausible to transfer files without the technicians consent. It is possible through DLL injections in some cases, but I can’t imagine you’d want to spend the time to learn how to find zero day exploits just to troll scammers.

@R34P3R#4506 I wanna troll a scammer with something like jigsaw. Was wondering if u can have it and can give me a dl for it

@CrustyEyeBalls#4575 I do but jigsaw is useless these days, it requires a server to store the key and Internet connection to run, NanoCore has a built in feature to lock the device (NanoNana>Management>Computer Locker) which can be used as a ransomware. You would also need to reverse, and recompile a copy of Jigsaw to wait for a killswitch on a CRON job that runs on a website that you have control of. In short ransomware is far more difficult than just sending them an exe, and it requires far more time than just using the in-built features of NC. If you just want to troll them add my skype (reaper_259) and we can discuss making some malare (real or fake) to mess with them, however I will not recreate Jigsaw

I use regedit against scammers and they can’t do anything.