Healthcare Talcum Powder Lawsuit Scam - 347-202-1500

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@Loganwar55#141214 Healthcare Compensation. HAHA! Indian guy with a really thick accent first said he was a law firm dealing with injury from talcum powder. When I asked what law firm he said oh no we are not we are injury compensation. I asked for a website and he kept asking if I had used talcum powder. I kept asking he kept repeating. I said I was not giving personal info about my case if I could not look at their website. He said he did not have one. So I told him what i thought of him. You have to be a woman to deal with this or if you are a guy, tell him you are calling for your wife. He is trying to scam women who have been damaged or gotten cancer already. Disgusting. Lots of them at this call center and all nasty excuses for human beings.


[“Healthcare Scam-(347)-202-1500”,“Healthcare Talcum Powder Lawsuit Scam - 347-202-1500”]