Having issues with my PC

So recently, I was watching a video on YouTube, when all of a sudden, a blue screen appeared, and the error code was DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. After that, I kept on getting BSODs with the same error code. I did my research and it said that it would most likely be a driver propbem. If anyone knows what I should do, by all means, tell me.

Is this a joke? @ppqq1#11053

@Flame#11056 No. I’m seriously having issues with my PC.

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@ppqq1#11053 I have that too. What I do is I wait before using any application that use up a lot of ram such as games vm chrome etc. I normally wait for 5 mins.

@Ryan#11073 Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it out.

@ppqq1#11094 I have one question. Have u tried overclocking ur pc before?

@Ryan#11095 No. I’m not what you’d call a computer “god.”

@ppqq1#11096 oh ok. Try updating ur BIOS too. That shld help.

I get this same issue actually. I was on YouTube one day and it just happened with a blue screen and such with the same error code/message. I just use YouTube on my phone now.

@SuperLinkBro#11115 may i have ur pc specs? Include ur SSD/HDD.

Check out this post on the mikrowsoft vebsite



Edition: Windows 10 Home

Version: 1607

Prossesor:AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics 1.80 GHz

64 bit operating system x64 based prossesor

465.64 GB.

452.74 GB NTFS

That should be it I think. It isn’t pretty but it’s all I need.

If you need more information let me know

@SuperLinkBro#11131 what about ur hdd/ssd brand? also try updating ur bios and drivers. Also check the link above that @memes sent


Yeah I’ll try meme’s link.

@SuperLinkBro#11135 yup. itll tell u to update drivers and bios. i suggest u also turn off fast startup coz that skips the procedure where it checks for errors. Also if ur using a HDD try not to use ur computer for 5 mins if the blue screen still comes up. So u log in first then let everything run for like 5 mins. But that is the last resort. Update ur drivers and bios first.

@SuperLinkBro#11135 u can always try calling one of the numbers on this website :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ryan#111 Lol. Get the scammers to try and fix it…

@ppqq1#11170 yeah. So press windows+r and type in www.logmein123.com hahaha

@Ryan#11172 What’s the support key? Lol xD