Grifter women romance scamming. Darina Markyanova

This Russian woman is married and have kids, while she’s grifting through dating websites to get boyfriends without the credit. for financial benefits and favors .

Dating name: Koshechka
Name: Darina Markyanova
дарина маркянова

Darina Markyanova :

Darina Markyanova


I appreciate you taking your time to write back. I will be done with my project on the 14th of Dec and would be back in Florida. Been there long time.

I do work in different part of the Country. So if things work out for us relocating won’t be an issue. I have few questions. 1 So how long have you been on the site and how has it been like, 2 what is your fav food and color, 3, what is your likes and dislikes.

You are my first contact since I joined the site. I believe everyone deserves to have that special someone. I like mexican and italian food, like blue. My likes are laughing, listening to music, reading, having no boring work to do, having interesting work to do, watching comedy, having jokes with friends, eating healthy meals, readig, relaxing, having no worries.

My dislikes are being judged, people who ho always have something negative or bad to say about you, narrow minded people, having loads of impossible work to do, not getting the work done, rude people, relationships without trust. I am very open minded so you can ask me anything you would like to know about me. I believe it is a good start to friendship. I will go to sleep now and will check on you tomorrow morning before I leave for work.

Darina Markyanova Court & Arrest Records

  • Court, Criminal Records 2015: Solicitation, Hustler
  • Lawsuits, Bankruptcies 2018: Credit Fraud
    дарина маркянова

Case Records link here
Case Records link here

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A woman, who presented herself on yahoo personals as Irina. She got me for $2250, I guess I should consider myself lucky Huh? Thank you for your site, I would not have discovered her true identity if not for you. Thank you so much!!!

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