"Greetings dear beneficiary," 419 SCAM FROM THE "FBI"

Email sender: FBI OFFICE ([email protected], [email protected])
Email title: Greetings dear beneficiary,

"Greetings dear Beneficiary,

I hope this email finds you well.

We have been working towards the elimination of fraudsters and scam
Artists with the help of the African Union
(AU) United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and the FBI.

We have been able to pursue down some con artist in various parts of
African countries and they are all in Government custody now and
will appear at International Criminal Court (ICC) soon for Justice.

You are therefore being indemnified with sum of US$15,270,000.00 valid
into (MasterCard
Number 4848421015247086) Since your name address is among the
lucky assignee who will receive a indemnity funds, we have
arranged your payment to be paid to you through MASTERCARD and
deliver to your valid postal address with the Pin Numbers as to enable
you to withdraw
between US$2,000.00 to US$5,000.00 on each withdrawal from any Bank ATM
Machine of your choice until all the funds are efficiently exhausted.

You’re also allow to present your valid bank account for remittance of
the aforementioned figure.

The MASTERCARD alongside the Security Pin Numbers shall be delivered
to you using
Express Mail Service and the package is coming from the Republic of
Uganda and would be delivered strictly only to your valid postal home

Don’t forget to reconfirm your following information

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Valid postal Address Where the MasterCard would be delivered.
  3. Cell/Mobile Number
    4: Valid government issued identification card
    5: Country

You’re also advised to cease all the communication with everyone
regarding your remittance as we have short listed to relinquish to you
and now urge
you to comply and receive your MasterCard.

Thanks for your understanding as you follow instructions while I wait
to hear from you.

Yours in service
Christopher Wray
Director federal bureau of investigation"