Government employment scam 213-259-1436

Person called from this number left me a voice message mispronouncing my name and stating she is Leslie Bruce working for US Government, recruiting for Govt positions overseas. I searched the number and turned out to be a mobile phone registered to a private person (not a Govt. organization) in Burr Ridge IL. After contacting local PD in Chicago, IL they confirmed the number does not belong to Government and this is clearly a scam and misrepresentation. Most likely a whore looking for a hook up or something in that line. No not answer nor provide any personal info.


A lot of scammers spoof Caller IDs, so don’t even waste your energy tracking them. In many cases, the owner of the actual phone number is just an innocent individual. Scammers love to spoof phone numbers with the same area code and prefix as yours, to trick you into thinking it’s from a neighbor or a local business. One time I called back the spoofed phone, it was a sweet old lady in town who had no idea her phone number was spoofed.

@jaymee#130780 so is the number here fake?