GoHealth Is the Largest Healthcare Enrollment Scammer

Many of you in the USA get this type of call:

"Hello I'm from the Health Center, are you looking for an individual or family plan?"

The "individual or family plan" question that human-robots blurt out is part of a phone screening process. They also screen for pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse looking for an ideal target customer: someone who is retired or temporarily unemployed and currently does not have healthcare insurance coverage.

The scammers had an exposed line where we called them into submission, and I have some call flood recordings here: https://scammer.info/d/26295-car-warranty-scammer-vsc-doing-health-insurance/8

During the conference call flooding some of us heard several of the phone center employees mention GoHealth, their employer. It looks like GoHealth does exist as an entity and I found this class action suit for them:


A class action lawsuit filed by a Texas woman says GoHealth has been conducting a telemarketing campaign that violates federal law.

Plaintiff Debra Rafano says GoHealth LLC has been placing automatically-dialed calls and calls using a prerecorded announcement to cell phone customers who never consented to being called that way or who had told GoHealth to stop calling.

Rafano alleges these calls violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA.

While GoHealth holds itself out as a broker for consumers in the market for health insurance, Rafano says the company is merely a lead generator that gathers consumer leads and sells them to insurance agents and actual insurance brokers. The company offers its “BrokerDialer” service to brokers and agents as a way to “[c]ontact more prospects in less time”.

Rafano alleges that in making these calls, GoHealth fails to obtain the prior express written consent required by the TCPA. The company also ignores call recipient’s express requests not to be called, she claims.

Call recipients have responded to GoHealth telemarketing with a wave of online complaints, Rafano says. She quotes complaints registered on website 800notes.com from persons who say they get several calls per day from GoHealth’s phone number, often without leaving a voicemail or responding when the called person picks up.

Rafano further claims that GoHealth does not bother to check its database against the National Do Not Call Registry. Telemarketers have the option of “scrubbing” their call list against the Do Not Call Registry, or to hire a third-party service to do so, Rafano says.

But GoHealth allegedly doesn’t bother to check the Do Not Call Registry before placing calls, as evidenced by the number of persons like Rafano who report receiving GoHealth calls after signing up for the registry.

Rafano says she registered her own mobile phone number with the Do Not Call Registry in February 2014. She says she started receiving calls from GoHealth in November 2015, soliciting her to get quotes for health insurance.

These calls used a prerecorded message telling Rafano to stay on the line to speak to a live operator. During the first call, Rafano says, she told the live operator she wasn’t interested in health insurance and that she didn’t want to be called again.

But the calls kept coming, she says. During several subsequent calls, Rafano says, she asked live operators to stop calling and also used the automatic voice prompts system to opt out of future calls. Yet the GoHealth calls didn’t stop, she says.

Rafano proposes to represent four different plaintiff Classes, all of whom would consist of persons who received calls from GoHealth that allegedly violate the TCPA.

Two Classes would cover those persons who received calls with pre-recorded messages and who either did not give GoHealth prior express consent or who continued to receive such calls after telling GoHealth to stop.

The other two Classes would cover similarly situated plaintiffs whose phone numbers were on the Do Not Call Registry at the time they were called.

Rafano seeks an award of the greater of actual or statutory damages under the TCPA and court orders that would curb GoHealth’s telemarketing practices.

The plaintiff is represented by attorneys Steven L. Woodrow of Woodrow & Peluso LLC and Stefan Coleman of the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman PA.

The GoHealth Telemarketing Class Action Lawsuit is Debra Rafano v. GoHealth LLC, Case No. 1:16-cv-10272, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

So I had a look at Debra’s complaint and she listed this information she found about the company:

![image 2019-10-08-08-06-02jpg.jpeg](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/12:09:140-2019-10-08-08-06-02jpg.jpeg)

Unfortunately for Debra, she filed her lawsuit as a class action. That's a bit difficult to do when you are a TCPA plaintiff because of the extra work involved in developing the claim, but you need to have great evidence showing the court that the calls are illegally reaching the masses: you need (well, it's /recommended/ but it's really necessary) at least 10 other witnesses with telephone bills showing inbound calls that are identified as the scammer to erase all doubt that the calling is widespread.

GoHealth responded to her class action by bringing in the white-shoe form of Cozen O'Connor and Perkins Coie..... basically bringing in the expensive big guns to defend against it. TCPA lawsuits heavily favor plaintiffs so they managed to strike a settlement with Debra and she withdrew the claims.

And then just a couple months ago I noticed Debrah now lives in Florida (or by happy circumstance a woman with the exact same name who likes to file TCPA lawsuits) has filed a new lawsuit in Florida against an entity called Centauri Health Solutions. This one had a more localized phone script mentioning Florida-state insurance carriers:

![image 2019-10-08-08-13-31jpg.jpeg](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/12:16:210-2019-10-08-08-13-31jpg.jpeg)

![image 2019-10-08-08-14-05jpg.jpeg](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/12:16:290-2019-10-08-08-14-05jpg.jpeg)

What is amazing to me is that GoHealth is NOT a small entity. It’s a significantly-sized online company that has the backing of private investors.

So they have access to white-shoe law firms and have expanded on this crusade of violating the Telephone Consumer Practices Act on a very large scale.

I get calls from GoHealth to my personal phones several times a day.

GoHealth and similar marketers follow all the rules of a game I call "Hide yourself". The game works as follows:

  • - Do not reveal your actual corporate name or identity. Instead use vague names like “The Health Center”.
  • - Do not have any working inbound number
  • - Do not have your agents accept callbacks, as that would reveal your inbound numbers and therefore make you traceable. You don't want to make yourself identifiable or traceable because that would generate TCPA claims.
  • So this is how they try to avoid being traced:

  • - The first stage of their scam marketing is the phone screen. This is a robotic list of 3-4 questions used to ballpark whether you will make it through the rest of the process.
  • - They specifically are looking for individuals WITHOUT insurance, are not drug/alcohol abusers, are relatively healthy/youngish (27-45 age range) who can afford monthly payments in the ballpark of $400-$800 a month.
  • - Not pregnant
  • - Few if any pre-existing conditions, preferably none (yeah it's illegal to sell ACA-styled plans in the USA that have pre-existing conditions, but these brokers do just that)
  • - If they suss you out as fit enough then they will transfer you over to another broker who is based in the USA to start more eligibility questions.
  • Once GoHealth has figured that an insurance company will accept you they will then hard-sell you on policies. Nowhere during all of this is the phone agent telling you that they work for GoHealth, or that they war-dialed you, any of that.

    Usually I can make it all the way down to where they ask for a credit card number and that's where I fuck them over and tell them they wasted their time. Nearly every time I have done this I've scam-baited an incoming phone call from them. It's gotten to the point where the phone screener will start on her schpeal and then she will see the warning note on her computer telling her that I am a prankster and they will hangup.

    I get about 3+ of these calls a day. About 1 in 10 will not read the warning notes other agents have left and will start me on the process of wasting the broker's time. Each and every time I scambait it.

    GoHealth has a corporate number 1-888-322-7557. Unfortunately because they are recognized by Wall Street as being legit, they do have other legit operations besides their TCPA-violating phone mill, I cannot allow their corporate main number on to BobRTC.

    However, if any of us find an exposed DID number (usually this is not a toll free number) that goes direct to their TCPA-violating phone banks, I welcome those numbers with all my heart into BobRTC.

    If you are getting annoying healthcare enrollment telemarketing calls, give GoHealth a call and tell them to stop it: 1-888-322-7557


    I want to put GoHealth's corporate main on BobRTC alas but alas I would have not one but several white-shoe law firms crawling up my butt trying to get a removal. And these guys have access to large private equity capital.

    Worse: Group insurance enrollment started this month and HCA enrollment starts in November so these guys are going to be making millions of unsolicited TCPA-violating phone calls.

    The strategy with these assholes i recommend is this:

  • -

    Scambait EVERY inbound call from them. They call their victims several times a day from their dialers during HCA enrollment (Nov-Jan depending on the state). They tend to selectively call mobile numbers the most. I’ve rarely ever gotten a call from them to a VOIP number.

  • -

    Try to get to the 2nd stage of the call where the phone screener is definitely a USA-sounding person. The front-line person even if they sound American is likely to be an answering service doing screening for them. Once you get to the Stage 2 person, just say "You're GoHealth, right? You work for GoHealth. This is the 30th time that GoHealth has called me. TCPA violation number 30!" Let them know that you're on to them and let them know that they're risking more TCPA lawsuits.

  • Every time GoHealth calls you, file a complaint with your state's Attorney General office. Each one has a consumer complaint division. List out GoHealth's identity:

    214 West Huron St.
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Sales Centers
    225 Superior
    Chicago, IL 60654

    10101 Claude Freeman Dr.
    Charlotte, NC 28262

    Salt Lake City
    1855 West 500 North
    Lindon, Utah 84042

    @Eviltaco799#112816 I really want to blow up every GoHealth number, I really do… but to have not one but two white-shoe BigLaw outfits trying to get BobRTC knocked offline is not a particular war I want to fight.

    I will however make an exception when these fuckers mess up (and they often do) and reveal a working inbound number hitting their internal hunt groups, like that number you found yesterday (oh what joy it was to call that into oblivion... they were panicking when I released the hounds on them).

    The only way to deal with an entity the general public (i.e., investors/attorneys) consider to be a legitimate enterprise is through Attorney General action.

    Starting today EVERY single call I get from them on my personal lines are going to turn into an AG complaint listing their full corporate identity every time. All my phones are on the DNC and have been for more than a decade. Any company that can afford to hire Cozen O'Connor can afford to scrub their dialer of that list.

    They won't do it because nearly all their potential leads are on the DNC.

    State action is the only way to get these guys shut down. In the meantime I think I have what I need to start filing lawsuits against these mofos.

    @kenzo#112813 great research and info Kenzo!

    @FattyMatty#112834 Update:

    Wow I have found another plaintiff who has declared LEGAL WAR against GoHealth and the brokers who have been harassing her to buy insurance and medical DME products.

    ![image 2019-10-08-12-26-09png.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/16:27:500-2019-10-08-12-26-09png.png)

    April Blackbourn filed suite against GoHealth in Chicago federal court this July and literally JUST WEEKS AGO... GoHealth settled the case and presumably they're going to pay her money.

    She isn't done though... she's still going after the other entities. It looks like April might have discovered all these connections by giving these idiots a debit card to use so she could then get all the documentation about the health insurance policy they set up for her. She then used all the information they sent her to then sue them.

    ![image 2019-10-08-12-30-48png.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/16:31:160-2019-10-08-12-30-48png.png)

    This isn't all. April found two more lead generator/robodialing companies that GoHealth worked with to push these robocalls out.

    I can't see how this is anything other than one of the most awful and largest scams in the history of health insurance.

    And here is something that is super-amazing… April filed A THIRD federal lawsuit, this time going at the insurance/healthcare provider at the very end of the scam. The insurance company is the entity that is trying to swell its pool of healthy people making regular payments to help cover their expenses and provide profit.

    Looks like when she talked at length with the brokers at GoHealth she recorded every step/hand-off until she reached the end, then sued every single entity involved for TCPA violations!

    The last entity she sued is CHI Healthcare. I love how her lawyer describes them

    Defendant is a health organization that owns and operates hospitals and
    clinics in Nebraska and Iowa.

    To avoid paying for legitimate forms of advertising their recruiting for employment
    opportunities at its health clinics, Defendant and/or its agents repeatedly called and played
    artificial or prerecorded voice messages to thousands of cellular and residential phones.

    Defendant cared so little about the Class members’ privacy that Defendant
    contacted them en masse using technological equipment.

    ![image 2019-10-08-12-34-26png.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/16:37:280-2019-10-08-12-34-26png.png)

    This is literally where all the scam health enrollment calls originate. Right here.

    ![image 2019-10-08-13-17-08jpg.jpeg](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2019-10-08/17:19:380-2019-10-08-13-17-08jpg.jpeg)

    GoHealth is back!


    Two new lawsuits appeared against GoHealth. The first one is a $10 million dollar class action in Illinois for GoHealth’s robocalling. That case has now gotten underway and both parties are in discovery which will last through September 2020.

    The second one is in New York state.

    GoHealth appears to have a habit of settling TCPA cases so it's interesting on the IL case whether they'll settle down a 10 million dollar class action.

    so i found a new number for them (800) 852-0146

    Update: GoHealth has installed a classic "please enter the last four digits of your phone number", on their IVR and it has the exact same voice as the prompt that 24/7 Techies and plenty of other scammers who use the same prompt:


    It's quite clear to me that they employ the exact same tech tactics that the dialer guys for scammers use. Same playbook.

    F A M I L Y

    P L A N


    The plaintiff is a hero. Great job everyone! Crush them!