Geek Squad scam (844) 802-8420, (858) 433-6925 "$442.75"

Scam Number: (844) 802-8420
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: I did not receive it but a poster on numberguru reports an email with an invoice for 442.75, I gave an invoice ID of 0248208GS and David accepted it.

NOTE: I called the toll-free but there was no answer, David called me back from (858) 433-6925 and is scamming me now.

NOT answering on the TF but calling back victims from their VOIP. 1120AM EST


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858-433-6925 David Tuesday 11-21-23 11:28AM EST

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858-433-6925 Still Active David Tuesday 11-21-23 2:31PM EST

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858-433-6925 Still Active Kevin Wednesday 11-22-23 2:12PM EST

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