"Free iPad Pro" SCAM - (888) 655-3924

Popup - Popstar Prize Giveawayz (popstargiveaways.com)

Registered via Internet Domain Service BS Corp. on February 1, 2022 (Updated February 13, 2022) - Whois popstargiveaways.com|

Associated Phone Number - (888) 655-3924


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated Physical Address - 3690 W Gandy Blvd Suite 456, Tampa FL 33611

ALTERNATIVE POPUP - (1) New Message (swpstk.link)

Registered via NameCheap on January 10, 2022 (Updated March 5, 2022) - Whois swpstk.link


Clicking “confirm” provides an explanation that the victim has “(1) package waiting for delivery” and is asked to use the “tracking code” to follow their “order.”


The “order” in question is a 13in iPad Pro, with a $1 shipping cost. Users will be asked how they want the order received, with the only selectable option being “I want it delivered to me” because the “package is already at the depot.”

Once the package has been “reserved,” users must enter their contact information and pay $1 in “shipping costs” at Popstar Prize Giveawayz (popstargiveaways.com)