"Free iPad Pro" SCAM - (866) 413-0558

Popup - https://87j2a9ue06.prizechariot.com/?aff_id=1087&offer_id=210&transaction_id=102b6446b450e7a074e39dd2c9c0be&aff_sub1=60d9f1738d4d610001624e74&aff_sub2=168&aff_sub3=&link=1087&ship-first-name={ship-first-name}&ship-last-name={ship-last-name}&ship-email={ship-email}&ship-phone={ship-phone}&ship-address={ship-address}&ship-city={ship-city}&ship-zip-code={ship-zip-code}&ship-country=US&ship-state={ship-state}&mc=%3F

A WhoIs lookup reveals the domain was registered on May 7, 2021 - Whois prizechariot.com

Associated Phone Number - (866) 413-0558

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Requires a 7-day trial subscription to Content Collaborators for just $19.73. Afterwards, users will be asked to sign up for their full plan for $86.61/month.

The waiting is so damn long.

I’m 5m on hold :thinking:

Currently prompting to send an email. Not getting to speak to a live dickhead.

Could you chill down a bit?